Managed Services for multi-platform Software Teams.

Upgrade your DevOps, CICD, Build, Test and Deployment platform today. Servana Managed DevOps Service is zero maintenance, deeply integrated to deliver fast feedback loops. Your software engineers will be more productive as a result. Plus with a huge catalog of opensource software refinement tools we aim to support multi-platform software engineering teams ensuring no engineers are left behind.

What makes Servana


Expert Support

We bolster your in-house software development capabilities by taking the concierge approach to each team you host with us.

Enterprise Grade

All our plans offer the same high levels of features for security, reliability, and performance.

Impressive Value

We save our customers 40% on like-for-like hosting costs and tens of thousands of pounds in like-for-like labour costs.


Build and deliver better software.

The Managed DevOps Service provides a comprehensive suite of integrated tools for building, running and delivering all kinds of software. Find out more

Servana is a trusted supplier for DevOps, Infrastructure and Cloud Services with over a decades experience.

Servana Managed Services Ltd is a specialist DevOps focused Managed Services business formed in 2009. We are proud to boast a experienced team of DevOps and Cloud Services engineers. Servana Managed Services Ltd is an Official Cloudbees and Jenkins Partner for EMEA.

Customers Success

Just a few of the customers we have successfully served over the past decade.

What our customers say.

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