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We solve common challenges faced by software teams.

We understand that businesses are different, you can tailor our products to your specific needs with add-ons and upgrades.
  • Data-Centre Exit

    You are planning a data-centre consolidation and considering cloud migrations.

    Shifting applications that can run more efficiently run on a cloud vendor can help reduce your data centre expenditure and reduce the maintenance costs of managing the applications and services that need to run in the data centre.

  • Maintenance Burden

    Your technology teams think tooling maintenance is a major burden on their time.

    Get daily security updates, change managed maintenance with zero disruption. Avoid disruptions to your applications and software development tools with our managed services for cloud hosting and software development tooling.

  • Legacy Software Development Tools

    Your software engineers want modern tools to improve the developer experience.

    Frustrated developers are not productive developers. What are they missing out on? Faster build times, lower feedback loops or more dedicated support. Regardless of where you are at with our managed services we can revive how you build software.

Enterprise-grade features

Leading features for modern technology services businesses built around cloud services but with decades of experience in high technology high growth industries.
High Baseline Security

Managed services include a high level of baseline security capabilities across all our products including SSO integrations.

Reliable Applications

We take care to make sure that all applications that we manage are reliably hosted.

Expert Support Services

Support engineers are experienced and certified professionals who enjoy sharing best practices, education and knowledge transfer to help.

Cost Optimised Cloud Services

Save 75% on the cost of a comparable cloud hosted application service or self-hosted solution.

Bespoke Build Services

Optimise how you build, test, package and distribute your software with our adaptable managed build services.

Security, Governance & Compliance

Servana are ISO27001 certified (UKAS) with comprehensive annual audits by an accredited vendor.


  • Managed Jenkins Service logo
    Managed Jenkins Service

    For busy software development teams who want to ship software on a fast, secure, reliable Jenkins software service.

  • Managed Keycloak Service logo
    Managed Keycloak Service

    For software businesses wanting a fully managed, reliable and secure open source Identity solution to integrate into their software products.

  • Managed Cloudbees Service logo
    Managed Cloudbees Service

    For organisations with multiple product teams who want to ship software on Jenkins with higher levels of compliance and security.

Cloud Hosting

Are you constantly looking for efficiencies within your self-hosted technology portfolio? We see many opportunities to improve how technology services are delivered especially the services currently self-hosted and self-managed in data centres. Customers that currently self-host can see a dramatic reduction in costs with a cloud service managed by Servana. Cost reductions vary but mostly they come from the ability to rightsize application hosting to use only the required cloud infrastructure based on the demands and for any scalability to happen automatically as required by the application. It isn't possible to do this in a data centre because the underlying cost is substantially higher then the utility cost.

If you are looking to move applications to the cloud we take care of the cloud migration from the initial planning, engineering the infrastructure components and once operational as a fully managed service. Via our Professional Services it is possible to also knowledge transfer and handover cloud migrations.

We have experience working with all major technologies on cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Kubernetes hosting experts

We have deep knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker and the various components that build on it like containers, SOA, orchestration.

Efficient Managed Hosting

Cloud hosting responds to demands from your software to increase and decrease capacity.

Reliable Applications

We take care to make sure that all applications that we manage are reliably hosted.

Cloud Hosting

Software Development Tools

Managing software development tools is complex. The number of tools and the tooling integrations used to create and refine the software can be a burden on DevOps and IT Teams.Traditionally, internal DevOps engineers managed the tooling, but these DevOps engineers are busy focusing on more strategic activities. As a result, many organisations are looking at software-as-a-service tooling to help alleviate the lack of time within their DevOps teams. However, SaaS CICD tools are homogenous and amplify bottlenecks, and as demands increase can block software developers.

Due to our ability to tailor services to your exacting requirements our managed services excel at enabling highly efficient software development tools. For example, software development processes like building, packaging and distribution, including UI and API testing have different requirements and in order to execute these processes fast you need a architecture that is adaptable.

Our Managed Services for software development tooling is efficient and adaptable for software development teams building all kinds of software.

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