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We understand that businesses are different, you can tailor our products to your specific needs with add-ons and upgrades.
  • Flaky self-hosted Jenkins OSS

    Build queues take hours to complete and the Jenkins server crashes frequently.

    Each of our Jenkins controllers is bench-marked to perform within the parameters we set out in total jobs and concurrency.

  • Complex Jobs

    Jenkins tool-chain is complex to maintain, outdated and difficult to manage?

    We have experience maintaining Jenkins for busy, mission critical customers. With same-day updates and real-time monitoring we know when you are having a difficult time and we are there to help.

  • Unreliable Build Agents

    Your self-hosted Jenkins toolchain is unreliable, your developers need more consistency.

    We have experience making Jenkins dependable, we can make it scale to serve you today and in the future. With our managed Jenkins service, Jenkins will become a reliable part of your software development capability.

Get a Jenkins SaaS experience with no compromise.

With the managed Jenkins service you eliminate maintenance from the backlog and can refocus key resources on more strategic capabilities.
Jenkins as a service

Fully managed Jenkins delivered as a service.

We love Jenkins CI Software, and guarantee to provide a reliable, secure and optimally tuned Jenkins server. To keep it simple we offer three plans to suit varying levels of usage with the Small plan being a good entry level and the large being a good choice for very busy teams. The main difference with the plans are the resources allocated to the Jenkins controller. However all plans are built on the same high quality virtual servers with excellent networking and storage components.

All the plans contain the same security features, we also offer additional addons and upgrades to customise the Jenkins Service based on individual requirements.

Servana is BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified we have a rigorous information security management system. and use this to manage our platforms globally.

Authorisation and Access Control

Manage access to the Jenkins controller with granular access control and network isolation.

Jenkins Build Service

Integrate our low-cost on-demand Jenkins Build Service and 10X the value from your Jenkins Service.

Addons and upgrades increase adaptability

Select from numerous addons and upgrades to customise your Managed Jenkins Service.

Jenkins Support

The managed Jenkins service includes support from our certified and experienced engineers for the underlying platform and Jenkins configuration.


SAML, OAUTH, OIDC compatible granular access control to the Jenkins Service.

Select from multiple options to manage how your software developers access the Jenkins Service.

Authorisation and Access Control

Select from a variety of options like whitelisting the IP or isolating the Jenkins Controllers in a private network. We have made the developer experience convenient by integrating authentication to make the process more seamless.

IP Whitelist

Manage access with a whitelisted IP address or range.

VPN Access

Manage access with a VPN. Bring your own VPN or use our fast Managed VPN Service.

Multiple Identity Services

Integrate multiple identity services with OAUTH, SAML, OIDC to create a secure single sign on experience for your developers.

Multi-factor Authentication

Upgrade authentication with MFA, U2F, Webauthn or TOTP.


Adaptable build infrastructure for Jenkins Software

Get purpose built, economical, patched and updated build infrastructure on-demand.

Jenkins Build Service

Get on-demand, low-cost ephemeral agents to build your software without bottlenecks. Scale your Jenkins CI to meet peak busy periods and as teams grows be able to build more software concurrently.

The Jenkins Build Service is an Addon to the Managed Jenkins Service based on a fully-integrated implementation of the various Jenkins Cloud Plugins.

The Jenkins Build Service supports building all kinds of software on multiple platforms like;

Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS, Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft .NET Core, C Sharp (C#), Visual Basic, Bash, Shell etc, Python, Golang, Swift, C Plus Plus (C++), C, Ruby, Rust, PHP, Hack, Haskell, Erlang, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform.

The Jenkins Build Services leverages features on cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Low cost Agents

Save on your build costs with ephemeral agents provisioned based on build queues.

Single Tenant

Build service uses an isolated network, servers and firewalls for security and extensibility.


Build agents are isolated in a network and subnet with active security groups managing ingress and egress.


Next Level features of our Jenkins as a service.

Leading features for modern technology services businesses built around cloud services but with decades of experience in high technology and high growth industries.
Zero Maintenance

The Jenkins service and plugins are updated regularly based on the official Jenkins LTS.

Automated Daily Backups

Active and automated multi-regional backups of this service on a daily basis.

Disaster Recovery

Passive regional disaster recovery mirrors data to a 2nd location to reduce delay in the event of a regional service disruption.

Authorisation & Access Control

Integrate multiple SAML, OAuth, OIDC authentication providers to provide a seamless login experience.

Expert Support Services

Support engineers are experienced and certified professionals who enjoy sharing best practices, education and knowledge transfer to help.

ISO/IEC 27001:2017 compliant

Compliance in the management of information security in the provision of managed services for open and closed source applications including collaboration, communication and software development tooling.


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Leading open souce automation server.

Jenkins empowers software development teams globally to automate the process of building software.

What is Jenkins Software ?

Jenkins is an extensible continuous integration software, enabling developers to manage all aspects of build, test and deployment for many software development platforms. Based on Java, it can be self-hosted and supports a vast ecosystem of software development languages and tools.

With our Managed Jenkins Service, you get all the benefits of Jenkins without the overheads that come with configuration, maintenance, updates and supporting developers. Instead, our customers focus on building productive developer experiences; leveraging Jenkins to automate build, testing and deployment stages.

Multi-platform CI

Jenkins is a self-contained Java program that runs on Windows and any Unix like operating system including Linux and Mac OS.

Easy configuration

Jenkins provides a web interface to setup and configure the CI services.

Distribute workloads

Jenkins can distribute workloads like software builds and tests across many build servers.


Hundreds of plugins make integrating third party tools quick and easy.

Award winning Jenkins

Perfect for multi-platform software development

Jenkins supports many software development platforms with its rich ecosystem of plugins to accelerate your software projects. The diversity in plugins enables more agility in software integration, making it possible for your engineers to get the results they want, whether improvements to the speed of pipelines, automated testing, or integrations with a third party.

Jenkins Core provides a rich domain-specific language (DSL) for building bespoke integrations. If a plugin is too opinionated or not supported anymore, it is reasonably straightforward to build a bespoke integration. Shared libraries and declarative pipelines DSL are the perfect sandboxes for an integration that could be better.

Our Jenkins saas is designed to promote best-practice use of Jenkins by supporting different kinds of development experiences productively.

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