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Mobile software development can be complex with cross-platform tooling, multiple devices support for iOS, Android and including virtual reality headsets.

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With Servana, it is easy to develop, build, test and deploy iOS and Android applications without worrying about maintaining Jenkins or the build servers.
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With Servana, it is easy to develop, build, test and deploy iOS and Android applications without worrying about maintaining Jenkins or the build servers. You get the power and flexibility of Jenkins without the maintenance headaches. Plus, the Jenkins Build Service supports Linux, Windows, and macOS (i.e. Intel + Apple Silicon) build servers. This enables you to build both software products in one place. Most mobile development projects can benefit from using Jenkins Software; the concurrency capabilities, powerful declarative pipeline language and the plugin ecosystem set Jenkins apart from any other CI Server.

Jenkins controller is secure, reliable and ready to go

We offer four Jenkins controller plans to suit different kinds of workload requirements with the small controller being a good allrounder for small teams with some concurrency requirements and with each tier up adding more capacity to grow. The extra capacity enables you to use more concurrency, storage and parallel execution on your Jenkins controller. The performance is dependent on the kinds of workloads you execute but in general we benchmark the Large Controller to handle at least 48X concurrency for 10 minute workloads, though it can easily do more if the workloads run for less time.

Managed Jenkins Build Service that is efficient and fast

The Jenkins Build Service is our managed service for Build Servers. It is a single tenant solution that provides on-demand ephemeral build servers that you use to build your mobile applications. The build servers are automatically upgraded to your specific needs enabling you to get more build performance per minute and less waiting around. The Jenkins Build Service provides Linux (Ubuntu), Windows, macOS (Intel and M1) servers which enable you to build all kinds of software from your Jenkins controller. It also offers advanced connectivity via IPSEC VPN and Wireguard.

The Jenkins Build Service uses fast ephemeral SSD local storage and the Jenkins controller uses low-cost block storage for artifacts enabling you to keep more of an archive and not get anxiety over the storage your mobile applications use. You can also use the artifact storage to cache dependencies to speed up your builds.

For iOS we can also preload specific versions of XCode based on your requirements - just ask support. We don't do this by default because they are large and keep getting larger.

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