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Eliminate wasted time, improve traction and build productive software development capabilities with our platform engineering, managed services and developer support.

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The team at Servana have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are incredibly knowledgable and responsive. Their inclusive approach has empowered our engineering team, while allowing them to retain their autonomy. I’d have no hesitation recommending them.

Adam Hoyle, Lead IOS Engineer, LVMH Digital

Image of Tass Skoudros, Managing Director
Image of Tass Skoudros, Managing Director

We are leaders in developer support

We provide managed services, platform engineering, and developer support for software businesses. Our mission is to unblock your developers, something we do by ensuring we lever automation in many aspects of our day-to-day work. Our support staff responds to questions, assists with design challenges within the developers' workflows, and more. Our developer support is priceless because it reduces re-work, re-inventing the wheel, and guides your development teams with hundreds of best practices. As a software developer myself I have tremendous empathy for your people, this is a very challenging career choice, more so when we don't do everything we can to support them. I have witnessed how transformative and motivating good support can be.

We build valuable Platforms

Our customers choose us because we have experience, the kind of collective experience you get by listening to hundreds of developers, creating, testing and refining technical details and discovering better practices. To date we have built many large scale software development platforms for businesses employing engineers at an annual cost of £5M+. To these businesses, productivity is vital returning upto 20% time and effort. Delivering these kinds of projects is good work, nothing about it is simple or easy there are hundreds of details to get right, each platform is unique to the customers "way of working". Looking back at all the platforms we've built, after investing thousands of hours, we realised we wanted to specialise in building them. The DevOps Service will make it happen. Our customers don't re-invent the wheel, waste time or effort doing it themselves, we provide everything you need to transform your software business and we think its the only way to keep up with the pace of a rapidly evolving industry.

Image of Servana's Office in Bournemouth
Image of Servana's Office in Bournemouth

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