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Small privately-owned specialist software and technology services company.

Servana is a small privately-owned specialist software and technology services company. We have offices in Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, Austin (TX) in the United States and Bengaluru in India.

Established in 2018 we provide advanced managed services for Cloudbees CI, Jenkins Software and Gitlab Software, managed software build tools for Azure DevOps, Github Actions, Gitlab Runners and building scalable cloud platforms on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. For organisations that have specific software engineering requirements we also provide high performance software development laboratories for building software services in strictly controlled environments. With our support, managed and professional services we unblock hundreds of developers on a daily basis and help our customers ship software faster.

We value action over words, what better way to demonstrate this is with the analysis of our testimonials. In that spirit here is an analysis of our testimonials as an interesting perspective on our values and mission.

Educational Impact

Not only does the team provide services, but clients also feel that they learn from Servana's engineers, adding an educational value to the company's service.

Exceptional Support and Service

The responsiveness and quality of support offered by Servana are frequently praised. Testimonials note the company's quick resolution, proactive monitoring, and efficiently, emphasizing that support is of the "highest quality".

No Hard Selling; Focus on Needs

One client specifically appreciates that Servana helps solve problems without pushing unnecessary or expensive solutions, implying a trust-based relationship and a focus on providing what's actually needed.

Facilitation of Client Workflows

Clients experience significant benefits in their workflows, stating that they can focus more on business logic and less on pipeline issues due to Servana's support. There is an emphasis on Servana's role in ensuring code quality and delivery efficiency.

Professionalism and Understanding of Client Needs

The professional expertise of Servana's team is acknowledged, with clients feeling that their specific needs, such as integration with various tools, are quickly understood and met.

Problem Resolution and Proactiveness

Testimonials reflect that Servana is proactive in monitoring and pointing out potential issues. They're commended for their ability to quickly come up with solutions and resolve problems, such as fixing disrupted services in a timely manner.

Clear Communication and Transparency

Reviews mention the transparency of the company's communications, especially when dealing with service issues or failures. Clients feel well-informed about what went wrong and what steps are being taken to mitigate any issues moving forward.

Reliability and Efficiency

Clients appreciate the stable and reliable Continuous Integration (CI) services offered by Servana, particularly Jenkins services. There are mentions of reliable Jenkins setups and improvements in build speeds, which contribute to reduced overall costs.

Expertise in DevOps and Infrastructure

Many reviewers highlight the company's proficiency in DevOps, Jenkins, and general infrastructure management. Clients associate Servana with deep domain knowledge and the ability to handle complex problems in this field.


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