We believe in the future software is invisible.

Software developers have a monumental challenge today. Developing software is a complex process. In order to get stable software into the hands of customers takes a large amount of time because it needs to be coded, built, tested and refined. We provide a service that enables developers to automate these processes which saves approximately 20% of their time.

The pace of software development has increased but in many cases the tooling hasn't kept up. Software developers; work on three times more software projects per year; use a variety of technologies which are often reasonably straightforward but complex to integrate; work within project management teams that are leaner, faster and high pressure.

The financial and human impacts directly correlate with this; more developers are experiencing burn-out and software businesses are experiencing higher development staff turnover. The missed opportunity here is to improve the quality of the tools the business and developers use on a day-to-day basis.

One solution is to invest more in the DevOps Tools; however, in reality, this is difficult and a significant distraction for any organisation. We estimate an organisation with a single development team will spend a minimum of 80 staff-days per year on DevOps Tools maintenance and in many cases much more.

Servana eliminates frustration, wasted time and bottlenecks often associated with devops tooling.