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Get execution and experience to accelerate your software projects and improve service delivery with precision software development tools and your cloud platform for future growth.

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Regardless of whether its modernisation, acceleration or experience we have you covered.
  • Modern Technology

    You have a project requiring new technology with guaranteed execution.

    Developing a technology platform requires integrating many modern technologies. With our professional services you get an experienced team that can execute your project with guaranteed delivery.

  • Precision in execution

    You want a platform that is supportable and built with precision.

    With our professional services you get a team of experienced engineers who have a deep understanding of modern technology. Precision in execution is an important way of demonstrating our capability.

  • Short Time-frame

    You have a project that has a short timeline and need guaranteed execution.

    Developing technology platforms take time for less experienced engineers. With our professional services you get an experienced team that can execute your project with guaranteed delivery.

Enterprise-grade features from industry specialists.

Leading features for modern technology services businesses built around cloud services but with decades of experience in high technology high growth industries.
Security, Governance & Compliance

Servana are ISO27001 certified (UKAS) with comprehensive annual audits by an accredited vendor.

Lead & Inspire

Up skill your technology teams, create productive work environments and improve the quality of the software and platform.

Best Practice

We combine industry best practice and our own best practices learned while delivering software for high growth businesses.


  • DevOps As A Service logo
    DevOps As A Service

    Easy to consume and manage DevOps Services, book an assessment, purchase blocks of time and our experts will be available to support you.

  • CI/CD Consulting logo
    CI/CD Consulting

    Unblock your developers, build,test and release better software with a proactive software development platform based on modern CICD technology.

  • Virtual CTO Service logo
    Virtual CTO Service

    Harness technology more efficiently, improve return and create a competitive advantage without over-reaching and supporting existing technology leadership.

Specialists in DevOps and Cloud

Servana is a DevOps and Cloud services specialist. Get best practice solutions to help accelerate the start of your projects.
Accelerate software projects with experienced DevOps and Cloud experts.

Providing certified DevOps Experts on-demand

Servana has pioneered on-demand consultancy services for the past five years successfully delivering multiple projects for organisations in retail, banking and cyber security. Designed to be outcome-based and either fixed term or on-demand our Professional Services offer features that work well with software projects that have variations in peaks and troughs in demand for DevOps and Cloud services.

Our professional services teams are made up predominantly of senior engineers to ensure that they deliver services predictably.

We guarantee that all work is done to the standards set out by our partners like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure and should pass a architecture review by them. When we quote for work it is with this in mind that we deliver a final quotation.

Certified Experts

While experience makes a huge difference we also help our engineers get certified.

Developer Support

Unblock your developers, reduce wasted time and bottlenecks.

Flexible Engagement Models

No we can't do the splits but we do offer multiple methods of engaging with our expertise.


Fast track your software projects.

Eliminate high-costs, bottlenecks, wasted time and technical debt. Improve productivity in your software development teams with our specialist DevOps and Cloud Professional Services.
DevOps and Cloud Services Consulting Services

Lead & Inspire

New projects have challenges and timelines that can be difficult to predict leading to developers wasting time and creation of technical debt. Projects ultimately need to focus on removing bottlenecks and improving developer productivity from an early stage. We help focus time and energy in these key areas enabling the the project to deliver software more efficiently.

We have expertise creating continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions which improve the ability for the software development teams to build, test and release software. Using cloud services, software development pipelines, test environments and feature flags we craft software development experiences that enable developers to reduce bottlenecks, feedback loops and build better software faster.

CICD Tooling

Improve the consistency of building, testing and releasing your software.

CICD Pipelines

Improve the quality of software and the developer experience by automating the software development lifecycle.


Get cost effective like-production test environments.

Features Flags

Deliver features into production better.

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