Build IOS, Android and Xamarin applications with native platform specific build agents on a single DevOps Solution.

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    IOS Development

    Swift & Objective C

  • servana-cicd-android-bg
    ANDROID Development

    Java & Kotlin

  • servana-cicd-macos-bg
    MACOS Development

    Swift & Objective C

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    XAMARIN Development


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    CORDOVA Development


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    REACT Native

    iOS, Android, Windows

Solutions We Offer

Jenkins Managed Service

The Jenkins Managed Service is for teams that want a CICD service but might not want some of the other tools which are offered in the DevOps Managed Service.

  • Jenkins for CICD
  • Bring your own Agents
  • Grafana for Monitoring
  • Access to the Build Cloud
  • Full support for Mobile Development

DevOps Managed Service

The DevOps Managed Service offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help refine and reduce the time it takes to release your source code.

  • Everything in the Jenkins Managed Service plus
  • UITest Solutions based on Open Source and Commercial solutions
  • Security scanning Solutions based on Open Source and Commercial solutions
  • Identity & Access Management

Build, test and deploy better mobile apps on a fast DevOps Platform that reduces the feedback loop .

IOS Pipeline Demo

  • Use Jenkins Pipelines to manage source code through the various stages.

  • Choose the tools you want to build your application with. For example Xcode (10,11).

  • Concurrently execute simulators to accelerate UI testing on multiple devices.

  • Access your build agents remotely to configure, diagnose or triage any issues.

  • Integrate your favourite plugins (danger, diawi, sentry, crashlytics, etc.).

  • Inclusive Artifact storage based on the price plan. Optimised to reduce usage on the Jenkins Master.