Backup Policy

Servana Managed Services’ business activities interact with the environment in a variety of ways.


Specifies the controls that need to be applied to ensure that copies of all software and information assets stored using electronic media, are taken, and held so that the risk to their confidentiality, availability and integrity is minimised.


Backup copies of all software, including previous versions, must be made prior to their first use. The backup copies made must ensure that all information assets that require the use of software can be accessed, processed, and distributed with minimal disruption. Backups must be made in accordance with the Electronic Data Backup Register.

Electronic files

Backup copies of all electronic files that contain information assets, including previous versions, must be in accordance with Electronic Data Backup Register. All backup copies of electronic files must be encrypted in accordance with the Use of Cryptographic Controls Policy and as specified in the Electronic Data Backup Register. All users must ensure that all electronic files are stored on the organisation’s information processing facilities.

Storage of backups

The backup copies should be stored in a remote location, at a sufficient distance to escape any damage from a disaster at the main site.

The backup information should be given an appropriate level of physical and environmental protection consistent with the standards applied at the main site.

Any third parties used to store and maintain backups should comply with the Suppliers Policy.

Testing of backups

Backups of software and electronic files, and media used to store them, must be tested in accordance with the Business Continuity Plan and the Electronic Data Backup Register.

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