Kubernetes Managed Service

Revolutionise how you host and deliver digital experiences to your customers with the power and simplicity of a kubernetes managed service. Based on the popular Kubernetes opensource project, managed, tuned and integrated by our engineering team to help you deliver better digital experiences for your customers and users globally.

Tools Included

  1. Kubernetes engines globally.
  2. Secrets Manager for better secrets management.
  3. Monitoring and dashboards based on Grafana and Prometheus.
  4. Log aggregation based on Elk and Kibana.
  5. Identity and Access Management.

Use cases

  • DevOps Tooling
  • Ecommerce
  • Chatbot services
  • API and Middleware applications

Hosting Options

The Kubernetes Managed Service can be hosted and managed by us in;

  • your data centre
  • our United Kingdom based data centre
  • our multi-cloud platform
  • your cloud platform

Your vendor for Digital Service Delivery

We assist you with all your software development and software delivery requirements. Kubernetes is a modern platform for running digital services globally.

Enterprise Grade Service Delivery

The Managed Service platform is underpinned by a fully managed, audit and change controlled enterprise-grade service delivery platform. Thats a complicated way to say we know how to run services in production ensuring you get a consistent and reliable service.

Zero Maintenance

The whole maintanence and upgrade, testing, validating and updating process of all the tools and services in your environment is managed by us.

Uptime Guarantee

Each tool is designed and integrated with a multi-region and multi-cloud high availability and disaster recovery plan ensuring your organisation has no downtime or disruption.


Monitor all your Devops tools in realtime. With a minimum data retention period of 24hrs it is really easy to see the health of the tools in realtime.

Many more unique features

  • Private multi-region and multi-cloud hosting
  • Monitoring & Dashboards
  • Hourly Encrypted Backups
  • Platform Support
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Platform wide role based access control
  • Secrets Management
  • Single sign on
  • Ingress security with IP Whitelisting, Brute-force Detection
  • TLS Encryption in Transit (i.e HTTPS)
  • Symmetric Encryption at Rest (i.e AES 256)
  • Built in multi-region and multi-cloud disaster recovery and high availability


the Kubernetes Managed Service helps you to avoid vendor lock in, save time and modernise capabilities and optimise the cost of your software development processes.

No Vendor Lock-in

Kubernetes is open source. Ultimately you have full control of your Kubernetes configurations.

Easy migration

Migrate existing containers and configurations seamlessly to our Kubernetes Service.

Boost Productivity

Keep management and maintenance of your Kubernetes infrastructure out of your backlog and save a minimum of 10 days every month.


Servana’s Kubernetes Service is optimised for product delivery and team productivity.


Deliver more services with automation and self-service whilst maintaining service quality and security standards.


Managed Kubernetes Service Sign Up
  • Managed Identity & Access
  • GitOps based K8s
  • Private or Cloud based Hosting
  • Single Tenent
  • Business hours phone support
  • 24/7 Support

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What is Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a container orchestration and management platform built and made opensource by Google. Kubernetes underpins our multi-cloud delivery strategy as it normalises the hosting environment and abstracts the variation between cloud vendors.

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