Jenkins Managed Service

Professional, fast and secure Jenkins as a Service.


Delivers value from day one

Our Jenkins Managed Service is for organisations and teams that know and enjoy using Jenkins to build, run and deliver software but want more from their Jenkins CICD solution. We offer an integrated solution that enables you to re-use existing jobs existing projects over while expanding your use of Jenkins to multiple teams within your organisation.


The image above is a time-lapse of an IOS pipeline. It goes through a number of stages which include building, code signing, testing, code coverage. We support the full spectrum of capabilities to develop IOS mobile applications.

Our Managed Jenkins Service has a comprehensive feature list. To find out more.


Comprehensive Managed Services Platform

  • Enterprise Grade

    The Managed Service is underpinned by a fully managed, audit and change controlled enterprise-grade service delivery platform. Ensuring it delivers on all its capabilities.

  • Managed Upgrades

    We manage the upgrade process testing, validating and delivering changes out of ours to ensure that there is no risks to your software development teams.

  • Identify & Access Management (IAM)

    Use your own user federation with active directory or LDAP or social logins from providers like Github and Google. Benefit from a host of security features and enhancements like one-time-passwords and self-service user management.

  • One master per team

    Scale your development teams adding a Jenkins master per team. We offer 3 sizes per master to suit the scale of the team but al the masters share the IAM and Monitoring tools to make management easier.

  • End-to-End Encryption

    For secrets management, source code and infrastructure configuration for data encryption in transit and at rest. Access is governed by the identity and Access management platform.

  • Bring Your Own Agents

    Bring-your-own-agents and connect with your Managed Jenkins instance with JNLP.


Realtime visibility of the state of your JenkinsCI and Agents

  • Integrated

    All the standard tools we offer are integrated with the supplied monitoring solution enabling you to benefit from realtime feedback and metrics.

  • Realtime

    Dashboards, metrics and the underlying monitoring platform are managed and updated on a regular basis. We listen to feedback and will happily make necessary changes to improve your visibility.

  • Retention

    All plans include monitoring the main differences are with data retention. The minimum retention period is 24 hours for the Freelance plan and this extends to 30 days for larger plans.

  • Private

    Each customer has a private instance of the database and visualisation tool integrated with any tools in their cluster.

  • Pipeline Drilldown

    Displays the health of your pipelines in realtime showing top level information like the ‘last build state’ and ‘success rate’.

  • Jenkins JVM

    Diagnose issues that increase resource utilisation on the Jenkins Master. Useful to triage new plugins or pipelines or jobs.

  • Agent Runtime

    Monitor your agent usage in realtime. Helpful to identify busy periods and potentially spread workloads around.


Multiple layers of security, hundreds of secure best practices

  • Identity & Access Management

    Each service is integrated with our IAM Platform providing added security features like Users, Groups, Access Controls, One-Time-Passwords, social logins and integration with a customers Federated Login Services.

  • Brute Force Detection

    Ingress services infrastructure can detect brute force attacks and handle the attacks without risking the availability of your platform.

  • IP Whitelisting

    The Managed Services can be locked down so only specific whitelisted IP addresses can access the platform.

  • Encryption

    All Managed Services use customer specific private keys to encrypt data at rest and the ingress services use TLS encryption for all http traffic.

  • Open Web Standard Protocols

    Supporting OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0.

  • User Federation

    Connect to existing user directories like Active Directory or LDAP and maintain active sync.

  • Single Sign On

    Login once to multiple applications and upgrade access with one time passwords.


Unique benefits to customers

  • Authentication

    Our identity and access management (IAM) solution upgrades the default authentication and is integrated with all the Tools we offer enabling single-sign-on, one-time-passwords and secure user management.

  • On-demand Agents

    Provision agents on-demand based on Job requirements. Manage job concurrency and reduce job queue sizes as well as reset existing resource allocations for other tasks for example to run Load Testing, UI Testing or Security scanning.

  • Multi Platform

    Our Build Cloud supports both containers and virtual machines to build and test software with Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.

  • Integrated Monitoring

    A full monitoring stack is included to help identify the health with all the Tools. Dashboards for numerous services are included to help visualise and monitor Jenkins and the Jenkins Agents as well as a number of other services.

  • Professional Support

    We are Cloudbees Core and Jenkins Partners for EMEA and are experts in DevOps with over a decades experience delivery large-scale software projects. We offer a high level of technical support to ensure your projects succeed. Different levels of support is included in the plans.

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“Thank you for the way you are handling our support requests and questions. Its all super quick and professional. We are truly enjoying working with you all.”
IT Consultant, World Economic Forum

With us you get all the features you need for performance and security, no matter what plan you choose. That's just one more way we make managed Jenkins hosting simple for you.


Frequently asked questions

What Code Coverage tools do you support ?

Put simply right now we support Sonarqube Sonar and Cobertura. Run Cobertura in a standard Jenkins Agent. If you prefer a standalone/shared Code Coverage platform request Sonarqube via the Servana ServiceDesk and we can add it to your DevOps service.

Can I bring my own agents ?

Yes, you can bring your own agents and connect them with a JNLP endpoint.

Don't have a DevOps Engineer?

Don’t panic, talk to our support team we can set you up with a person from our consultancy services team to assist you with the configuration.