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Get support for DevOps Tools and Practices into your development teams.

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Unblock your developers and improve the developer experience.

We understand that businesses are different, you can tailor our products to your specific needs with addons and upgrades.
  • Devops Tooling

    Your software developers need support to manage and update their tools.

    Getting support for their software development tools can unblock your developers when they have issues. Your software developers can get support for maintenance, updates and configuration issues with a variety of software development tools.

  • Expertise Gaps

    Your software developers require a diverse set of capabilities which creates skill gaps.

    Modern software projects leverage cloud services and modern cloud native technology, however many project teams are greenfield. With our Support Services you get flexible access to knowledgable and certified DevOps Engineers to help support your software development teams.

  • DevOps Practices

    Get support for modern software development practices.

    We can support software development teams with practices with automation for automating non-production. Including feature flags, canary deployments and many more DevOps techniques and strategies.

Expert DevOps Support

Unblock your developers with our DevOps Support

DevOps Support Services by Servana enable businesses that build Software to augment DevOps skills within their software development teams. Our engineers have experience supporting software development teams across a variety of industries enabling them to increase DevOps skills more efficiently.

We offer DevOps Support based on monthly commitments or we can offer a retained commitment which you can leverage at any point during the commitment window. During this time your engineers engage with our support team and we are able to provide guidance on solutions, discuss possible solutions and triage any issues.

DevOps Support includes support for the following;

Software development process automation

Pipelines enable software development teams to automate the various refinements necessary to create high quality software. Pipelines can often be slow and techniques to improve the speed might seem impossible. Improving the speed of pipelines and the quality of the pipeline code is something we do often.

On-demand software development tooling

Using automation to build software enables software development teams to focus on building software. This improves productivity and increases the number of iterations that are possible which is a known method of increasing quality. With cloud services software development teams can automate the provisioning of the tooling necessary to support building and testing software.

Modernising the software development process

Software development tools advance fast but the overhead of switching to newer better tooling can be challenging when coupled with a focus on delivering new features. Our support team can help modernise your software development process while ensuring software development teams continue to deliver software releases.

Certified Experts

While experience makes a huge difference we also help our engineers get certified.

Developer Support

Unblock your developers, reduce wasted time and bottlenecks.

Best Practice

We combine industry best practice and our own best practices learned while delivering software for high growth businesses.

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How It works

Support designed to unblock your developers.

As an organisation you can purchase devops support either as part of a managed service subscription or as a standalone service based on either a monthly commitment or we can offer a retained commitment which can be consumed at any point during the commitment window. During this window your engineers engage with our support team and we provide the necessary support, discuss possible solutions and triage any issues within in bounds of the support commitment.

Pipeline Development

Get support for Jenkins pipelines and shared libraries.

Developer Support

Unblock your developers, reduce wasted time and bottlenecks.

Quality Assurance and Release Engineering

Release better software faster. Make releases easier and more manageable.


Proactive support from DevOps Experts

Leading features for modern technology services businesses built around cloud services but with decades of experience in high technology and high growth industries.
Proactive Support

Our support team are experienced CICD practitioners. You are getting support from Jenkins users.

Specialist CICD Experts

The support team are experienced at various processes for refining all kinds of software.

Pipeline Development

Get support for Jenkins pipelines and shared libraries.

Lead & Inspire

Up skill your technology teams, create productive work environments and improve the quality of the software and platform.

Software Development Pipelines

Automate the process of building, testing and releasing your software.

Infrastructure as Code

Get access to our production grade best practice Terraform modules.


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