We love what we do.

Servana Managed Services Ltd is a technology managed services and consulting company providing a portfolio of best-in-class DevOps Tools for developers to build, test, run and deliver better software.

Developers have a tremendous amount of complexity to handle and to help them cope; they need a CICD solution that is fast, easy to configure and reliable. We really love this work and feel a sense of privilege bringing these tools to a broader audience in a well-managed package.
We are experienced and maniacally focused on doing everything right the first time. That means we iterate extensively on a solution, optimising it each time until there is no way to improve it further. This kind of automation is powerful because it helps make our solutions more accessible.

Ultimately we aim for infrastructure change management to be stress-free and for pipelines and continuous delivery to be reliable and fast.

  • Team Building

    We are professional, kind and considerate and intrinsically connected with our customers objectives. This means we’ll help with team-building, mentoring and coaching your staff to help foster the capabilities in-house.

  • Customer Service

    The aim is to ensure no customer has to struggle with a problem. If you have an issue ask for help via our Service Desk, we will help. We provide customer service across multiple channels in a variety of timezones in Europe and Asia namely UTC, UTC+1 and UTC +5.5.

  • DevOps is good for business

    We believe DevOps is the glue that brings the different parts of your IT Organisation together. Different specialisations collaborate toward a common objective. We have seen it work in enterprises and startups and it successfully provides everyone with a sense of ownership. Create great work, jobs and happier work environments with DevOps.

  • We are your Partners

    We’ve witnessed tremendous waste in our industry. Companies are burning money on Cloud Services. Every company wants to use cloud services but many are new to some of the principals and best practices. This is where we can help our solution architects have experience and understand how to translate your requirement to a model that’s sustainable on cloud services.

“Thank you for the way you are handling our support requests and questions. Its all super quick and professional. We are truly enjoying working with you all.”
IT Consultant, World Economic Forum