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Get proactive support services from DevOps certified subject matter experts on-demand into your software engineering teams.

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What are your biggest Software Development challenges?

Pipeline Complexity

Your pipelines are slow and the feedback loops are too long.

Software development processes are often created additively with new features added onto existing processes. These changes tend to create slower pipelines and most software development teams need a refresh. Our Support Services are experienced in pipeline architectures and can help create faster, robust pipelines.

Tooling Support

Your software developers own their DevOps Tooling but need occasional support.

Tooling ownership helps to unblock your software developers, however it can be complex to manage, maintain and update. Our Support Services offloads this burden from your software engineers enabling them to focus on strategy.

Expertise Gaps

Your software developers require a diverse set of capabilities which creates skill gaps.

Software projects leverage cloud services and modern cloud native technology, however many project teams are greenfield. With our Support Services you get flexible access to knowledgable and certified DevOps Engineers to help augment skills in your software development teams.

The DevOps Support Services might be perfect for you.

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

Unblock your software teams with specialised support

Software engineering is complex. Supporting software engineering teams is difficult because of the number of tools and the depth of complexity in the integrations used to create and refine the software. Internal DevOps teams are underpressure to deliver higher quality strategic work. As a result, they are busy, and the cost of not being able to serve your software engineers increases possibility of technical debt, bugs and unhappy developers.

Productive software developers are happier, however being productive is subjective and relies on great communication, empathy and experience. With our support services you will unblock your software developers on a daily basis to keep your project moving without having to interupt or impact another area of the project. Your developers will have access to a professional team of experienced DevOps engineers to help with subjects as varied as management and configuration of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Cloudbees as well as a multitude of software development tooling. Our activities are not limited to answering questions, we can help develop proof of concepts, pipelines, automation with terraform and so much more.

Is this a problem in your software teams? Consider the cost of unplanned work on your DevOps engineers. How many times does a DevOps Engineer have to context switch during a sprint to support a software developer?

Pipeline Development

Improve productivity with feature-rich automations to speed up the build, test and deployment with pipelines.

Release Engineering

Release faster and more often, make releases easier and more manageable.

Cloud Automation

Reduce the feedback loop with faster infrastructure deployments across all environments.

Triage and Debugging

Het help with triage and debugging issues on a daily basis across the whole software development stack.

We offer the following Support Services

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Unblock your developers with professional support for DevOps Tools, Practices and Cloud Services.

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Get more from your Jenkins Software with commercial support including Jenkins pipelines, plugins and configuration.

We offer the following Support Services

Unblock your developers with professional support for DevOps Tools, Practices and Cloud Services.

Get more from your Jenkins Software with commercial support including Jenkins pipelines, plugins and configuration.

Bespoke Support from DevOps specialists

From as little as 5hrs of support per month we offer a broadspectrum of DevOps capability to your software development teams without any added headcount or recruitment fees. Benefit from a peer reviewed approach to work that has each engineer pairing on certain tasks and high standards for quality, security.

Support Multiple Teams

Split the support service across multiple teams or dedicated to a single team.

Bespoke Plans

Each plan is customised based on an effective base support commitment.

Efficient Utilisation

Maximum utilisation is easier because we provide multiple ways to use our service.

High Standards

Support is delivered to high standards for quality and security.

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