Mobile Development

The team at Servana have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are incredibly knowledgable and responsive. Their inclusive approach has empowered our engineering team, while allowing them to retain their autonomy. I’d have no hesitation recommending them.

Adam Hoyle, Lead IOS Engineer, LVMH Digital

Mobile developers have a unique set of challenges that set them apart from their web-enabled colleagues. From shifting large artifacts, long build and test durations, developers often get stuck with many bottlenecks. Developing good test practices and executing reliable automated test frameworks can take a long time meaning having the ability to test and build in parallel is also incredibly important to reduce the feedback loops while also completing as many test cycles as necessary.

Our goal in the very beginning of the planning of our Mobile Development solution was working with our customers to understand their unique developer experiences and helping them to improve build and test times, cost optimisations and dependency management. We do this by reducing the distance or eliminating the need to transfer large artifacts; by providing adequate concurrency to ensure builds and tests can be run independently. We also helped to improve how they manage dependencies, assets and publishing the final artifacts within their pipelines.

With Servana you can build IOS, Android and Xamarin applications with native platform specific build agents on a single CICD solution. Use concurrency to complete more code and test cycles in less time. As software engineers ourselves, we’ve optimised the mobile development provisioning for speed while also accommodating requirements around testing and code coverage.

Multi-Vendor Software Development

We support the following mobile development platforms. This is not an exhaustive list but majority of our customers are building on these platforms.

  1. IOS for iPhone and iPad.
  2. ANDROID for mobile and embeded development.
  3. XAMARIN for IOS and Android.
  5. REACT Native for IOS, Android, Windows.


  • Each build agent is dedicated to you, we don’t share agents.
  • Docker and virtual machine based Android builds.
  • Access to MacOS and Windows virtual machines on demand.
  • Choose the tools you want to build your application with for example Android SDK, Fastlane, Xcode (10,11).
  • Concurrently execute simulators to accelerate testing.
  • Access your build agents remotely to configure, diagnose or triage any issues.
  • Integrate your favourite plugins (danger, diawi, sentry, crashlytics, etc).
  • Large capacity Artifact storage.
  • Dependency caching

Do you require DevOps Engineering Support ? We offer a DevOps Service to assist small teams with ambitious plans.

Plus we offer eatures from either our Managed Jenkins products.