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Ditch on-call, tired operations and escalating costs with our Managed Hosting Services.

What are your biggest Hosting challenges ?


Your Hosting is costing much more than anticipated and you want to make savings?

Lifting and shifting to a cloud vendor often costs much more than anticipated due to many factors.


Your Cloud Vendors are complex to manage and configure ?

The big challenge with this complexity is it generates tremendous technical debt fast.


Your Cloud Vendor provides many ways of securing your services?

The biggest challenging adopting a cloud vendor within an organisation is ensuring the right levels of governance are maintained across all layers within your services.

Find out how you can get a faster, more reliable managed hosting service.

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Thank you for the way you are handling our support requests and questions. Its all super quick and professional. We are truly enjoying working with you all.

Kristian Novak, IT Consultant - World Economic Forum

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Why Managed Hosting?

Investments in hosting platforms are a continuous effort within any organisations and potentially a source of distraction and a time-sink. We find mindshare spent on the customer experience has much better returns on investment than continuously getting distracted with the hosting platform, the operations, deployments etcetera. Outsourcing to an experienced vendor like Servana has advantages because we have over two decades of experience managing e-commerce platforms on cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure as well as running similar services in a private data centre. We have a pragmatic approach to operations which leverages automation, fault tolerance and high availability to ensure your services are online and you can continue to deliver new versions of your application whenever you need.

Managed hosting for innovative Product Teams

There are no pitfalls or drawbacks to selecting our managed hosting for building and delivering your applications. We provide numerous methods of performing deployments that are risk free and 100% change managed. Deployments can be integrated into your pipelines seamlessly and we can also manage your non-production environments to ensure testing and like-live environments. We have ensured from that from the customer experience to the development experience we have you covered and because of our experience in this area we offer you everything you would get if you did this yourself without the wasted time, long hours and logistics. Our experience managing the whole lifecycle of an application is something we build-on to enable you to continue to innovate within your development workflows with confidence you can deliver software continuously.

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Managed Hosting Services

We are Managed Hosting specialists with our own Data Centre and extensive experience managing Cloud Services To use the accordion click the header to expand the services.

Source Control

Hosted on our Cloud Vendor or in our Data Centre we provide a private source control solution based on a range of opensource and commercial solutions. e.g Atlassian Bitbucket, Gitea, Gitlab


Hosted on our Cloud Vendor or in our Data Centre we provide a private CICD solution based on a range of opensource and commercial solutions. e.g Jenkins, Gitlab

Managed Kubernetes in mainland China

We have infrastructure to deliver Kubernetes in mainland China.

Privately Hosted Kubernetes

We have infrastructure to deliver Kubernetes in our Data Centre in Bournemouth.


We manage your Microservices on a Cloud Vendor or in our UK Based Data Centre.

Monolithic Applications

We can eek out as much performance as necessary to keep them delivering for you.

Legacy Applications

We put them on ice and keep them running and patched as long as you need.

Identity Management

We setup and manage your Identity and Access Management Service based on Keycloak or any other platform your select.

Global Content Delivery

We can improve the quality of service for customers around the world.

Multi-Region Content Delivery

We use content delivery network to offload customers to local managed point of presence around the world.

Content Delivery in mainland China

We use our Chinese content delivery partners to offloan local Chinese traffic to a point of prescence in mainland China.

Single Cloud Vendor

We have extensive experience managing Cloud Vendors.

Multi-Cloud Vendor

We think being cloud agnostic is an important business decision.

Managed Data Centre

If you have any bespoke hosting requirements we can deliver them in our Bournemouth based Data Centre.

Uptime Guarantee

We do occasionally need to do maintenance. We only perform these activities outside of your main business hours.

First Response

We are in a good position to help triage any application issues when they occur and escalate them to you.

Technical Support

We provide varying levels of Technical support, reviews and bespoke setups.

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More focus, less distractions

Your software developers need you, they are building new products, innovating in a domain that's moving at lightspeed. You can build and maintain your own hosting platform, but do you have the time to keep up with maintenance and keep on improving it? Choosing our managed hosting service frees up your time to focus on strategic differentiators like customer experience and the development experience.

Easy on-call, happier engineers

On-call will be much easier when you offload the responsibility of First Response to us, delegating first response reduces total call-outs for your developers by 50% or to just Priority 1 issues. We've worked with busy ecommerce business for over two decades and found that managing on-call systems is one of the biggest drains on employee moral.

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Deliver the best digital experiences

Our engineers are wired to design and build your managed hosting to guarantee your users get the best possible experience. Whether they are paying customers shopping on a ecommerce platform or co-workers in a different geographical business unit using a shared web application. We use all kinds of techniques to ensure your managed services perform at the highest levels and deliver excellent value on a cost basis.

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