DevOps Managed Service

Build, test and deploy mobile, backend, desktop, frontend and middleware apps on a fast and reliable DevOps Platform that is guaranteed to reduce the code-test-deploy feedback loop. Based on popular best-in-class open source tools, managed, tuned and integrated by our engineering team to help you deliver better software faster with integrated build, test and delivery capabilities.

Tools Included

  1. CICD based on Cloudbees Jenkins Distribution.
  2. User Interface Test Automation tool like Selenium, Appium your choice.
  3. Code coverage tool based on Sonarqube.
  4. Docker container security scanning based on Clair.
  5. Secrets Manager, better secrets management with role based access control.
  6. Monitoring and dashboards based on Grafana and Prometheus.
  7. Log aggregation based on ELK (Elasticsearch + Kibana) and Kibana.
  8. Identity and Access Management.
  9. iOS, Windows, Linux build and test agents.

Use cases

  • Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • Middleware Development
  • Test Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Distributed load testing


Hosting Options

The Managed Service can be hosted and managed in your data centre, in our data centre, on our multi-cloud platform or on your cloud vendor.

One Bill for Software Development tools

For all your software development and delivery Tools i.e CICD, Build, Test Automation, Security scanning and more.

Enterprise Grade Service Delivery

The Managed Service platform is underpinned by a fully managed, audit and change controlled enterprise-grade service delivery platform. Thats a complicated way to say we know how to run services in production ensuring you get a consistent and reliable service.

Zero Maintenance

The whole maintanence and upgrade, testing, validating and updating process of all the tools and services in your environment is managed by us.

Uptime Guarantee

Each tool is designed and integrated with a multi-region and multi-cloud high availability and disaster recovery plan ensuring your organisation has no downtime or disruption.


Monitor all your Devops tools in realtime. With a minimum data retention period of 24hrs it is really easy to see the health of the tools in realtime.

  1. Pipeline Drilldown
  2. Agent Runtime
  3. Artifact Storage
  4. Plus many more dashboards.

Secrets Management

Manage system access and secrets securely, avoid creating over priviledged services using role-based-access-control, ensuring only designated agents and services can access required keys.

Many more unique features

  • Multi-product support (i.e iOS, Android & Windows)
  • Dedicated Artifact Storage
  • Dependency Caching
  • Quickstart pipeline templates
  • Role based access control
  • Single sign on
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Ops Dashboards
  • Ingress security
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Brute-force Detection
  • TLS Encryption in Transit (i.e HTTPS)
  • Symmetric Encryption at Rest (i.e AES 256)
  • Platform Support
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Hourly Encrypted Backups
  • Secrets Management Service
  • Bring your own agents


Our DevOps Service helps you to avoid vendor lock in, save time and modernise capabilities and optimise the cost of your software development processes.

No Vendor Lock-in

The DevOps Service is made up of a variety of open source tools. Ultimately you have full control of these configurations.

Easy migration

Migrate existing CICD pipelines and configurations seamlessly to our DevOps Service.

Boost Productivity

Keep management and maintenance of your CICD infrastructure out of your backlog and save a minimum of 6 days every month.


The Managed DevOps Service delivers a better service within your organisation, optimised for security and productivity.


Onboard new teams faster. Share test automation and monitoring infrastructure.


Managed Devops Service Sign Up
  • Managed identity & access
  • CICD server
  • UI test server
  • Code coverage
  • Container security
  • Secrets management service
  • 8 developers & admin users
  • 7 days data retention
  • 50GB artifact storage
  • 5GB cache storage
  • 8 concurrent pipelines
  • PAYG agents

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What is DevOps

DevOps addresses the rise in the complexity of software development and formalises the process of refining software at an organisational level. Software engineering is continuously evolving and businesses that invest heavily in human capital have to contend with rising costs and not necessarily an equivalent rise in prodcutivity. With the shared resposibility model of DevOps, software engineering teams are able to augment their capabilities with a variety of operational, test and workflow automations.

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