DevOps Tools

High performing software development teams want to work with a DevOps Toolset that enables them to perform at their best. They want a comprehensive CICD platform which with pipelines can process build and test source-code fast. Improving feedback loops, developer happiness and productivity.

continuous integration & continuous delivery

Aimed at DevOps based Teams with best-in-class CICD, Test, Code Quality tools, upgraded with many enhancements and designed to deliver all kinds of software projects.

  • Scalable

    Purpose built on a leading cloud vendor for scalability, so you can on-board new teams faster and more efficiently take on more software development projects.

  • Bespoke Agents

    Jenkins agents are highly customisable. Size, type (i.e containers or virtual machines) can be customised and provisioned on-demand to support all kinds of jobs.

  • Per Minute Billing

    Provision agents on demand to boost concurrency and reduce queue sizes and only pay for the agent time used in minute increments. See Monitoring for Agent Runtime Dashboard

  • Concurrent Runtime

    Create your own Agent runtime patterns to utilise your cluster resources more efficiently and help maintain job queue sizes. This helps to maximise resource utilisation based on different kinds of workloads.

Jenkins Opensource

  • Easy Configuration

    Define pipelines workflows using a groovy based DSL in a Jenkinsfile in the source code repositories. Share Jenkinsfiles to simplify project configuration and speed up on boarding times. Or use the Jenkins Interface.

  • Extensible

    Jenkins can be extended with hundreds of plugins in the Update Center, Jenkins integrates with practically every tool or service in the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain.

  • CICD

    Use Jenkins as an extensible automation server, a simple continuous integration server or as a continuous delivery hub for any project integrating on demand cloud services with your software development pipelines.

  • Shared Libraries

    Standardise pipeline features, make changes and perform updates across all pipelines with this powerful feature. Version controlled and easy to use we love them and use them all the time to implement features in jenkins pipelines.

Cloudbees Core

  • Easily manage all your Jenkins Masters

    Cloudbees Core reduces the complexity of managing Jenkins masters, create specific versions of a master which can be deployed easily from the control pane.

  • Global Role Based Access Control

    Manage granular access within the continuous delivery pipelines. Setup approval workflows that ensure changes are managed and involve all stakeholders.

  • Manage Dependencies

    Cloudbees Core includes an Update Centre Server which enables an organisation to ‘sign off’ any plugins for use on Jenkins Masters.

DevOps Tools help you build, test and deploy mobile, backend, frontend and middleware apps on a fast and reliable platform that is guaranteed to reduce the feedback loop.


All the tools offered, are part of the same Managed Service with identical SLAs.


All the tools are Integrated. Jenkins, Selenium, and Sonarqube all working together enabling you to onboard fast.

Tool Catalog

The tool catalog is huge. We support most opensource development tools but the choice of what tool to use is yours.

Huge catalog of programming languages. Not limited to the following.

We support a huge selection of frameworks. Not limited to the following.

Our Jenkins Agent Cloud supports a variety of operating systems provisioned on our cloud platform or in our data centre in Bournemouth, UK. You can deploy macOS, Windows, Linux Virtual Machines and/or Docker based Jenkins Agents.

Just some of the DevOps Tools, Programming languages and Operating systems we support.

The SERVANA Jenkins Agent Cloud supports building software in any language on Windows, MacOS and Linux. We’ve listed a few below if you have any questions about building different kind of software packages please ask.

Visual Studio

Most Test tools run inside Jenkins Agents, configured within the Jenkins Master. Tools like Selenium require a hub. A customer can request a Selenium Hub via the SERVANA Service Desk once approved it is provisioned and set up in a customers cluster. We manage the Selenium Hubs with the same care as the Jenkins Master and other tools.


Cobertura and JCoCo both run fine in a Jenkins Agent, there are other Code Coverage tools that we’ve used which work fine in a Jenkins Agent.

Sonarqube requires a dedicated application server which we can be provision for a customer. We manage Sonarqube using the same care that we use to manage all the applications under our Managed Service.


Infrastructure configuration has become increasingly important in Pipelines. Both Ansible and Terraform run well in Jenkins Agents.


AWS Elasticbeanstalk
AWS Lambda
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS Cloudformation

Jenkins can integrate with a number of SaaS tools to announce when important changes occur.

Jira (Jira Cloud)


Realtime visibility of the state of your DevOps Platform

  • Integrated

    All the standard tools we offer are integrated with the supplied monitoring solution enabling you to benefit from realtime feedback and metrics.

  • Realtime

    Dashboards, metrics and the underlying monitoring platform are managed and updated on a regular basis. We listen to feedback and will happily make necessary changes to improve your visibility.

  • Data Retention

    All plans include monitoring the main differences are with data retention. The minimum retention period is 7 days and this extends to 30 days for larger plans.

  • Private

    Each customer has a private instance of the database and visualisation tool integrated with any tools in their cluster.

  • Pipeline Drilldown

    Displays the health of your pipelines in realtime showing top level information like the ‘last build state’ and ‘success rate’.

  • Jenkins JVM

    Diagnose issues that increase resource utilisation on the Jenkins Master. Useful to triage new plugins or pipelines or jobs.

  • Agent Runtime

    Monitor your agent usage in realtime. Helpful to identify busy periods and potentially spread workloads around.


Multiple layers of security, hundreds of secure best practices

  • Identity & Access Management

    Each service is integrated with our IAM Platform providing added security features like Users, Groups, Access Controls, One-Time-Passwords, social logins and integration with a customers Federated Login Services.

  • Brute Force Detection

    Ingress services infrastructure can detect brute force attacks and handle the attacks without risking the availability of your platform.

  • IP Whitelisting

    The Managed Services can be locked down so only specific whitelisted IP addresses can access the platform.

  • Encryption

    All Managed Services use customer specific private keys to encrypt data at rest and the ingress services use TLS encryption for all http traffic.

  • Open Web Standard Protocols

    Supporting OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0.

  • User Federation

    Connect to existing user directories like Active Directory or LDAP and maintain active sync.

  • Single Sign On

    Login once to multiple applications and upgrade access with one time passwords.


Unique benefits to customers

  • Authentication

    Our identity and access management (IAM) solution upgrades the default authentication and is integrated with all the Tools we offer enabling single-sign-on, one-time-passwords and secure user management.

  • On-demand Agents

    Provision agents on-demand based on Job requirements. Manage job concurrency and reduce job queue sizes as well as reset existing resource allocations for other tasks for example to run Load Testing, UI Testing or Security scanning.

  • Multi Platform

    Our Build Cloud supports both containers and virtual machines to build and test software with Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.

  • Integrated Monitoring

    A full monitoring stack is included to help identify the health with all the Tools. Dashboards for numerous services are included to help visualise and monitor Jenkins and the Jenkins Agents as well as a number of other services.

  • Professional Support

    We are Cloudbees Core and Jenkins Partners for EMEA and are experts in DevOps with over a decades experience delivery large-scale software projects. We offer a high level of technical support to ensure your projects succeed. Different levels of support is included in the plans.

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