Cloudbees Core Managed Service

Begin a DevOps Transformation with Cloudbees Core on a performance oriented, reliable and comprehensive Managed Service Platform.


Cloudbees Core delivers returns

The Managed Cloudbees Core Service is for organisations and teams which deliver critical multi-stakeholder software solutions but need more control over the whole dependency eco-system. We manage the underlying platform, perform updates, apply patches and monitor it 24/7 and you manage the delivery of your CI/CD solutions within the organisation.

The image above is a time-lapse of an IOS pipeline. It goes through a number of stages which include building, code signing, testing, code coverage. We support the full spectrum of capabilities to develop IOS mobile applications.

Our Managed DevOps with Cloudbees Core Service has a comprehensive feature list. To find out more.


Comprehensive Managed DevOps Platform

  • Automated Platform

    The Managed DevOps Platform is underpinned by a fully automated, audit and change managed service delivery platform. Ensuring it delivers on all its capabilities.

  • Zero-risk Upgrades

    We manage the upgrade process testing, validating and simulating the process to ensure that there is no risks to the customers development teams. With Cloudbees Core we also assist with upgrade simulations for Jenkins Masters to help migrate Jenkins Masters to newer versions with no risk of disruption.

  • Identify & Access Management (IAM)

    Use your own user federation with active directory or LDAP or social logins from providers like Github and Google. Benefit from a host of security features and enhancements like one-time-passwords and self-service user management.

  • Team based service isolation

    Give Development teams their chosen tools and leading devops solutions without affecting the delivery of services managed by other teams.

  • Full Stack Security

    With identity and access management to infrastructure isolation and data encryption in transit and at rest we have security at all layers in the DevOps stack.

  • DevOps Tool Integration

    Add a variety of DevOps Tools like selenium, sonarqube, artifactory, nexus to your managed devops platform all integrated on a shared or with team isolation and secured with identity and access management with role-based access control.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Upgraded Authentication

    Our identity and access management (IAM) solution upgrades the default authentication and is integrated with all the DevOps Tools we support enabling single-sign-on, one-time-passwords and simplified but secure user management.

  • On-demand Provisioning

    Provision agents on-demand based on workload requirements. Manage job concurrency and reduce job queue sizes as well as reset existing resource allocations for other tasks for example to run Load Testing, UI Testing or Security scanning.

  • Integrated Build Cloud

    The Servana Build Cloud supports building with containers and virtual machines to build all kinds of software compatible with Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems. We support building IOS and Android applications as well as any software for backend and frontend applications.

  • Integrated Monitoring

    A full monitoring stack is included to help identify the health with all services in the Managed DevOps Platform. Dashboards for numerous services are included to help visualise and monitor Jenkins and the Jenkins Agents as well as a number of other services.

  • Professional Support

    We are Cloudbees Core and Jenkins Partners for EMEA and are experts in DevOps with over a decades experience delivery large-scale software projects. We offer a high level of technical support to ensure your projects succeed. Different levels of support is included in the plans.

Deliver a successful DevOps Transformation with our Managed DevOps Platform with Jenkins. See Pricing→

“Thank you for the way you are handling our support requests and questions. Its all super quick and professional. We are truly enjoying working with you all.”
IT Consultant, World Economic Forum
How It Works
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this list price include the Cloudbees license fee ?

No, the listed price is for the management of the Cloudbees Core stack. The Cloudbees Core license fee will be quoted based on the total number of seats you require.

Do I need a DevOps Engineer ?

Yes, we provide and manage the underlying platform and they configure and integrate the services into Jenkins Pipelines and Git.

Is it contractually simple to customise our resource requirements ?

Yes, we bill by the minute for resource usage any changes would take effect immediately. Simply request a change through Servana support, email or helpdesk and the changes will be rolled out as soon as possible.

I don't have a DevOps Engineer what do I do ?

Talk to our support team we can set you up with a person from our Professional services team to assist you with the configuration. They will be able to join your Agile ceremonies if you request and can help perform the role of the DevOps subject matter expert whilst planning.