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Retire your existing application hosting. Get a fully managed cloud-native hosting service to improve any applications reliability and user experience.

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What is your toughest Cloud Hosting challenges?

Application Reliability

The existing hosting service is flaky with disruptive downtime.

You require a partner with experience managing enterprise applications on cloud services. We take even the most challenging applications and run them on the Cloud.

Hosting Efficiency

The existing hosting service is difficult to integrate.

You require a partner that can provide multiple integration points so that your teams can do releases and access operations and performance data.

Modernise Processes

It is not possible or practical to modernise the existing hosting service.

Development teams have challenges working with a more complex software development supply chain, and cloud services provide an effective platform for integrating third parties.

The Managed Cloud Hosting might be perfect for you.

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Thank you for the way you are handling our support requests and questions. Its all super quick and professional. We are truly enjoying working with you all.

Kristian Novak, IT Consultant - World Economic Forum

Why Managed Cloud Native Hosting

There is a compelling reason that if you consider a cloud migration, you also consider shifting to a cloud-native architecture. Cloud-native architectures have huge cost, performance and security benefits. In addition, many technologies fall under the cloud-native family, but whether your architecture is cloud-native depends on how it integrates with the cloud vendor to offload features and functionality that are not core to your application.

Suppose you have concerns with ongoing maintenance; in that case, offloading less strategic functionality can simplify the maintenance of your applications by removing unnecessary components. For example, if you have an application that you want to host in the Cloud. Features like Load balancers and Databases could all be self-hosted but selecting the cloud vendors managed service enables you to offload the maintenance of this infrastructure. Take it further and select the cloud vendors’ other managed services to reduce your maintenance responsibilities further. In our experience, when you factor in the reduced maintenance, the total cost of ownership of a managed service like this is further reduced.

Efficient use of Cloud Services

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Security at all levels

On-demand Cloud Services

How important is the compute or runtime?

The most important consideration is the compute or runtime for your application; selecting a hosted server is tempting because that is what you might use already; however, it injects a sizeable maintenance element into your cloud migration. In addition, hosted servers require patching and active management. In a cloud-native architecture, the runtime is abstracted in the case of serverless technology and containerised in the case of container-based orchestration platforms. This zero management computes architecture reduces the operational costs considerably but can cause some complexity to the operability of your application. There is a trade-off here, which requires planning and testing to understand fully.

Adopting cloud-native architecture ensures you focus entirely on the application domain and its direct dependencies. Hosted servers would be stretching this focus too far and unable to deliver long-term value due to the limitations they would impose on the architecture. Entirely abstracting the compute can yield enormous savings but comes with some operational and integration complexities when building-out larger applications.

Zero Ops, No Patching or Maintenance

Managed Compute Runtimes

Container-based runtimes

Serverless runtimes

Managed Cloud Migration vs DIY Cloud Migrations

Yes, you can do this with the support from the right people and time to spend considering all the different architectural elements and then carrying out the work to build out the cloud migration. It will be a fascinating journey for everyone within your organisation and exciting at the same time. The actual build-out can be reasonably complex if you are unfamiliar with the components. Even if your engineers have the requisite qualifications, there are so many integrations and operational scenarios running cloud-native applications that this process can take time for you to learn.

Working with us on a managed cloud hosting project, you instantly gain our expertise doing cloud-native migrations for all kinds of businesses over the past 15 years. We accelerate large-scale cloud migration projects from 12 months to 3-6 months. In addition, you can instantly get the long-term confidence you need to commit to cloud migration for some business-critical applications. Better still, you might be considering something new, a new technology. We support technology adoption with a sensible approach based on integration and feedback. Managed cloud-native hosting enables you to focus on doing more of what you want to do.

Expertise Gaps need a bridge.

Move Business Critical Apps with confidence.

Operational Excellence is a rocky road.

Upskill Staff

As a partner, we bring the Cloud down to earth.

There are opportunities to unlock value within your organisation today by freeing up capacity in your data center, in the backlogs of your IT teams and shifting services that are better suited to a cloud platform. It can be a complex proposition but we can help take care of the migration and enable you to achieve more than would be possible with your resources internally.

We set the standards in quality of work and execution; all our work exceeds a ‘Best Practice Audit’ by the cloud vendor. Cloud-native migrations are all about decoupling applications and offloading functionality that used to exist in your application to the cloud vendor.

Leverage these Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure

Bespoke managed cloud hosting from DevOps specialists.

We fully manage cloud migrations from the planning phase to building out and following on with an ongoing managed service. Reduce the time it takes to shift to the Cloud with our comprehensive managed cloud hosting service.

Project Management

The plan, stakeholder management and delivery are all included.

Managed Service

Reduce the cost of managing non-strategic applications.

Budget and Forecast

Get visibility on costs as early as the planning phase.

High Standards

Quality built in with infrastructure as code.


No, but this can be agreed and during the planning and build out we will get to know the application. If it isn't necessary consider it that we manage the underlying platform and integrate all the necessary services so your developers can manage the application.

Yes, we can provide the necessary integration points to automate the delivery of your application as well as the changement management functionality to make the process manageable for your whole team.

No, we can assist with a migration to any cloud vendor, we have the experience with IBM Cloud, Oracle however we as a percentage these feature in the bottom 10% of the work we do on an annual basis.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

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