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What are your biggest Jenkins Software challenges?

Not maintained

Your Jenkins Controller is out-of-date.

Jenkins maintenance is a daunting task especially if the maintenance hasn't been done for many years. With our Jenkins support you get flexible access to knowledgable and certified Jenkins Engineers to help augment skills in your software development teams.

Complex to manage

Over the years it has grown and is quite complicated to manage.

Growth is good and with a few changes you can refresh your Jenkins Software. With Jenkins Support you get flexible access to knowledgable and certified Jenkins Engineers to help augment skills in your software development teams.

To busy

You are busy and don't have time to fully support your Jenkins Software.

We totally understand, everyone in your software development teams should be focused on something strategic. With our Jenkins Support you get flexible access to knowledgable and certified Jenkins Engineers to help augment skills in your software development teams.

The Jenkins Support might be perfect for you.

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

Get Jenkins Support from Fanatics

We believe Jenkins Software is powerful, and we love using it. Jenkins powers software teams at organisations worldwide and is the right choice for companies wanting more control of their software delivery. However, companies that successfully leverage Jenkins Software find it quite challenging to balance managing the support, administration and maintenance tasks required to keep it secure, fast and reliable.

With software development accelerating, building great software requires access to diverse experiences. As a specialist service provider, we are proud of our ability to help our customers with the deep expertise of Jenkins and the tooling associated. Our engineers are certified with Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and our Professional Services Team develops world-class software development platforms for our customers. In addition, we are Jenkins users who built a platform to showcase the best of Jenkins.

With commercial support your developers get VIP access to Jenkins professionals daily, enabling them to make better, more proactive decisions.

Award winning Jenkins Software Project

Proactive and Fast Support

Jenkins CICD Specialists

Pipeline Development

Security & Maintenance

Test Automation

Software Development Tooling

Change Management

Plugin Management

Commercial Support for Software Developers

Commercial support for hundreds of software development tools

We manage the Jenkins Controller and its configuration. We monitor the performance in real-time responding to issues before they become a problem. As a result, we provide a consistent reliability buffer and prevent issues from becoming severe, eliminating any unnecessary disruption within your software development teams and delivery schedules.

Jenkins supports many software development platforms with its rich ecosystem of plugins to accelerate your software projects. The diversity in plugins enables more agility in software integration, making it possible for your engineers to get the results they want, whether improvements to the speed of pipelines, automated testing, or integrations with a third party.

Jenkins Core provides a rich domain-specific language (DSL) for building bespoke integrations. If a plugin is too opinionated or not supported anymore, it is reasonably straightforward to build a bespoke integration. Shared libraries and declarative pipelines DSL are the perfect sandboxes for an integration that could be better.

Our Jenkins Support promotes best-practice use of Jenkins, supporting different kinds of development experiences with a mission to provide a high-level of efficiency and productivity.

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How it works

Based on your requirements we'll setup a commercial agreement that includes time for updates, maintenance and management of the underlying Jenkins and Tooling infrastructure as well as any time necessary for developer support. You get a support mailbox and a team to back your Jenkins software developers.

Pipeline Development

Get fast pipelines that automate the many tedious development tasks and enable your developers to be more productive.

Developer Support

Software development is complex, developing applications that leverage cloud services requires experience.

Jenkins Agent Maintenance

Build your software and get support on the latest agents, with regular updates and security patches.

Jenkins Controller Maintenance

Build your software and get support on the latest controller, with regular updates and security patches. Inclusive of plugins.

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We support any or all of the tooling associated with your CICD infrastructure. This can include any self-hosted tooling as well as Jenkins Software and agents.

It depends on if we can agree access to the infrastructure to do the management. Yes it is possible we can manage the infrastructure but it depends on how this is done from a practical perspective. Otherwise it is assumed we only manage the software.