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Eliminate frustration with your existing Jenkins hosting. Get a fast, secure and reliable Jenkins Cloud platform with high levels of performance.

What are your biggest Jenkins challenges ?


Your Jenkins toolchain doesn't scale, builds fail often and it takes ages to load ?

We consider everything from the number of teams you on-board to the kinds of workloads you need to run, we will set it up and guarantee consistent performance.


Your Jenkins toolchain is too complex to maintain, outdated and difficult to work with ?

We have experience maintaining Jenkins for busy, mission critical customers. With same-day updates and realtime monitoring we know when you are having a difficult time and we are there to help.


Your Jenkins toolchain isn't reliable, your developers want more ?

We have experience making Jenkins dependable, we can make it scale to serve you today and in the future. Jenkins will become a reliable part of your software development capability.

Say goodbye to these problems with our managed Jenkins cloud service trusted by

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

Why Jenkins Opensource?

With over 5000 installations per month, Jenkins opensource is powering software teams all over the world. Jenkins is an extensible continuous integration solution, enabling you to manage all aspects of build and deployment for a variety of different kinds of applications and infrastructure services. Based on Java, it supports a vast ecosystem of software development languages and tools.

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Jenkins is perfect for multi-product software development

We have seen fragmentation in tool choices for various different kinds of development activities. In all cases software developers want an experience that promotes productivity, but this puts pressure on teams that usually support your Jenkins hosting service. They have different kinds of requirements coming at them from different teams, which means while trying to please everyone they end up pleasing no-one. Our managed Jenkins in the cloud service is designed to promote consolidation of development activity by supporting different kinds of development experiences in a productive way.


Fair pricing for a high quality Jenkins Cloud Service.

Here are some inclusive features in all plans.

Jenkins support

Get assistance with Agents, Setup or Pipelines.

Bring your own agents

Connect in-house agents, Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines.

Built-in Self-healing

Recovers a crashed Jenkins Server automatically.

Same-day security updates

If a plugin we manage has a vulnerability we resolve it the same day.

On-demand agent provisioning

Including spot pricing usage and reservations.

Twice daily backups

Archived for 30 days.

Native Docker integration

Supported by either Kaniko or a standalone Docker daemon.

Android Apps

Supported by either Docker or Linux-based virtual machine agents.

iOS Apps

Supported by corresponding Mac agents.

Role-based Access Control

Out-of-the-box integration enables Admin, Developer and Read-Only users.

Oauth, Saml, Single Sign On

Google Apps, Active Directory or a Identity Service

E2E Encryption protects data in transit and at rest

Unique per customer private keys encrypt volumes and snapshots

The Plans

Choose your currency.

Small Server

For a small team wanting a start with a no-limits Jenkins service.

£160 GBP / mo EU Region

€180 EUR / mo EU Region

SFr.200 SFr / mo EU Region

$210 USD / mo US Region

$300 AUD / mo AU Region

  • 4x concurrency
  • 15GB Jenkins Home
  • 50GB Artifact storage
  • 4hr Support Response
  • Support via online chat & email
  • 1x Jenkins support request per mo

Medium Server

More resources, more storage and integration possibilities for growing teams.

£240 GBP / mo EU Region

€270 EUR / mo EU Region

SFr.300 SFr / mo EU Region

$320 USD / mo US Region

$440 AUD / mo AU Region

  • 8x concurrency
  • 30GB Jenkins Home
  • 100GB Artifact storage
  • Dedicated Agent Endpoint
  • 2hr Support Response
  • Support via online chat & email
  • 2x Jenkins support requests / mo

Large Server

Busy teams, bespoke integration requirements with demanding schedules.

£360 GBP / mo EU Region

€400 EUR / mo EU Region

SFr.440 SFr / mo EU Region

$480 USD / mo US Region

$660 AUD / mo AU Region

  • 16x concurrency
  • 50GB Jenkins Home
  • 200GB Artifact storage
  • Dedicated Agent Endpoint
  • 1hr Support Response
  • Support via online chat, email & zoom
  • 3x Jenkins support requests / mo

Extra Development Tools

Gradle Build Cachewith 5GB storage

Sonarqube Sonar Servicevaries based on usage request quote during trial

Selenium Grid Servicevaries based on usage request quote during trial

Gitea Service with 10GB storage

Sonatype Nexus Service with 100GB storage

Extra Security Tools

Conjur for Secrets Management varies based on usage request quote during trial

Hashicorp Vault for Secrets Management varies based on usage request quote during trial

Container Security by Clair varies based on usage request quote during trial

Jenkins Build Service Extras

MacOS agentsfrom GBP0.23/hr, EUR0.25/hr, CHF0.275/hr, USD0.30/hr, AUD0.42/hr for a VM with 8GB, 1 Core

Windows agentsfrom GBP0.23/hr, EUR0.25/hr, CHF0.275/hr, USD0.30/hr, AUD0.42/hr for a VM/Container with 8GB, 1 Core

Linux agentsfrom GBP0.14/hr, EUR0.155/hr, CHF0.168/hr, USD0.183/hr, AUD0.223/hr for a VM/Container with 4GB, 1 Core

Jenkins Staging Server

Jenkins Staging ServerMinimum 1 day billing for setup then billed per hour pro rata from GBP0.62/hr, EUR0.69/hr, CHF0.743/hr, USD0.82, AUD1.13/hr

Any questions?

Our Jenkins experts are here to answer your questions.

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Save time with our hosted and managed Jenkins service and get more done

More development, less distractions

Your software developers need you, they are building new products, innovating in a domain that's moving at lightspeed. You can build and maintain your own Jenkins toolchain, but do you have the time to keep up with maintenance and keep on improving it? Choosing our hosted managed Jenkins service frees up your time to focus on strategic differentiators like pipelines, tests, infrastructure, security and many other areas.

Easy onboarding, better traction

Getting your team on-board is as simple as sending an email. We have have deep integrations with a number of key technologies that support various software development functions and all our services integrate with your identity providers so you can manage your users from one place. You can also turn on one-time-passwords to enhance security and basic user management functions like password resets are available to reduce the administration burden and enhance security.

Improve traction within your development teams with Servana’s hosted and managed Jenkins service
Improve your Jenkins security with Servana’s hosted and managed Jenkins service

Fastest route to better Security

Your hosted managed Jenkins service runs on a solid foundation of many security best practices. It integrates with an identity provider (IdP) which enables you to use your own identity service (Google Apps, Microsoft Azure ADFS, Github and many more ). Further enhance access control with one-time-passwords. Under the hood all data is symmetrically encrypted using unique customer specific private keys.


All the Jenkins features you know and love, plus these. To use the feature accordion click the header to expand the features.

Secrets Management

Dedicated secrets storage service available

TLS Encryption in Transit

All data sent between your users and our platform is TLS encrypted.

Symetric Encryption at Rest

All data is symmetrically encrypted at rest (i.e AES 256).

Daily Security Updates

We will perform daily security updates as they are released.

Pipeline Concurrency

We guarantee consistent concurrency levels on all Jenkins masters.

Dependency caching

All Jenkins masters get dedicated low-latency storage for build dependencies.

Dedicated artifact storage

All Jenkins masters get dedicated low-latency storage for build artifacts.

Bring your own agents

Connect your in-house agents with our dedicated JNLP endpoints.

Single sign on

One login there-after your Jenkins integrates single sign.

IP whitelisting

Lock down your Jenkins to a IP Whitelist.

Brute-force detection

Integrated alorithms protect Jenkins from brute-force hack attempts.

Single sign on

One time passwords

Role-based access control

Bring-your-own Identity Provider (IdP)

Uptime Guarantee

Your Jenkins will occasionally go down for maintenance. However we only perform these activities outside of your main business hours.

Realtime monitoring

Triage issues with Jenkins and view Agent usage statistics in realtime.

Hourly Backups

Your Jenkins master will be backed up every hour.

Jenkins support

We provide varying levels of Jenkins support, pipeline reviews and bespoke agent setups.

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