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What are your biggest Software Development challenges?

CICD Tools are a maintenance burden

CICD Tooling is a maintenance burden and needs constant attention.

CICD maintenance is a burden on software development teams especially if it isn't performed regularly. With our DevOps support you get flexible access to knowledgable and certified DevOps Engineers to help augment skills in your software development teams.

Slow and Inefficent Pipelines

Inefficient pipelines use more time and compute resources.

With our DevOps Support we develop pipelines that are more efficient, improving the way your developers build, test and release. Faster more efficient pipelines improve productivity and can make happier developers.

Demanding Software Project

Software projects are demanding on in-house DevOps resources.

With our DevOps Support Service you get access to an experienced team of DevOps engineers at various levels to help build CICD Pipelines, utilise cloud services and help troubleshoot software development issues.

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

Give your software developers the DevOps Support they need

Software development is evolving rapidly, most organisations building software have multiple teams to support. The challenge is these teams are building everything from the backend to the frontend including mobile applications. Each of these teams requires unique tooling to make software development more productive and efficient. However at the same time there is contention around who supports these developers and organisation might hire a DevOps engineer who will try his best to support all the teams or they hire a DevOps engineer for each team. In our view internal DevOps resources should be dedicated to strategic activities where possible.

With software development accelerating, building great software requires access to diverse experiences. As a specialist service provider, we are proud of our ability to help our customers with the deep expertise of developer tooling. Our engineers are certified with Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and our Professional Services Team develops world-class software development platforms for our customers.

With a simple monthly subscription your developers get VIP access to professional DevOps Support daily, enabling them to make better decisions.

DevOps Support for the whole Software Development Lifecycle

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Pipeline Development


Cloud Services

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Zero Disruption

Infrastructure as code

Get DevOps Support for hundreds of software development tools

Get DevOps Support for hundreds of software development tools

Software projects accumulate many different tools that all behave in peculiar ways. We work with artifact storage, source control managers, testing software (examples like load testing, ui testing), build software and in many cases when something goes wrong it can cause frustration as it brings the whole software production system to a halt.

Manitenance is a headache, no one on the team wants to do it and it can be complicated blocking a valuable resource from more strategic work. In the end maintenance and updates lag by months or years. It is no wonder most organisations are building software on outdated tooling.

DevOps Support gives your software developers access to high quality expertise that can be as simple as a question about a cloud service provider like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure or a software development tool like Jenkins, Docker or technology like Kubernetes. We even do pair programming and peer reviews if requested.

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We setup a customised subscription that includes time to support your software developers on a monthly basis. This time will be used to support your developers both proactively and reactively. This means we will have a backlog of work to complete which we prioritise with your software developers and if they have issues they can request support.

Pipeline Development

Get fast pipelines that automate the many tedious development tasks and enable your developers to be more productive.

Cloud Services

Get support for popular cloud services to help your software developers integrate services into their applications.

Infrastructure as code

Improve how you integrate cloud services into your software development process with tools like Terraform or Cloudformation.


Get support and best practice for leveraging Kubernetes in non-production and production.

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DevOps Support is a specialist support service targeted at businesses that create software and employ software developers. Software development is complex and it can be quite challenging to support all your teams with your in-house DevOps team. The DevOps Support service enables your developers to get assistance with any problem and save themselves substantial time and also be able to resolve the issue with the benefit of a peer review.

Yes, we can maintain your software development tooling.