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Improve the developer experience, eliminate wasted time, bottlenecks and delays with our DevOps service inside your Product Teams.

What are your biggest DevOps challenges ?


Making changes is slow, and error prone?

Our DevOps service introduces change as normal. We use pipelines to manage changes. Infrastructure-as-code makes it transparent, so your Team know what's changing. We use a variety of smart techniques to assist change automation. Technologies like cloudformation and terraform, CICD pipelines and a rigorous integration process.


Your Team wants to move faster but need support?

Developers are working to tighter deadlines, requiring higher levels of quality. And within a more complex software development ecosystem. The services we offer make development within this universe easier. We create better developer experiences with features like deployment automation and rapid prototyping.


Your Product Teams are blocked by backlogs of DevOps tasks ?

Our DevOps Managed Service augments product teams helping them to ship software faster. We work with you to improve the developer experience. We rewire the pipelines to make them easier to manage. Removing bottlenecks and wasted time. Our DevOps as-a-service includes access to varying levels of expertise.

Find out how you can get a productivity boost with our DevOps Managed Service.

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a term used to describe the process of implementing certain practices and optimising the means of production within your software development functions. This includes; storage for source code, strategies for merging source code, the various testing methods (unit tests, api tests, user interface tests, behavioural tests and more) deployment process, provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure. Most definitions also include operational requirements in this definition because they recognise that within the software development lifecycle 5% of the time the application is in development and the rest of it is an operational overhead.

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What is our DevOps as a Service?

We provide whole DevOps Teams for project work to support and enhance your Product Teams. They develop and integrate hosting services, software pipelines, hosting setup for build and test environments, infrastructure automation and much more. They deliver improvements, features and planned changes daily. With your development teams input we create bespoke, productive developer experiences based on your own DevOps Processes. When prioritising work we prioritise your delivery as well as any must-have best practices to ensure your product is reliable and secure. Our DevOps Engineers are pragmatic and methodical, delivering work which builds confidence and enables you to ship software faster.

How our DevOps Managed Service works

We deliver transformational capabilities to your Product Teams To use the accordion click the header to expand the items.

Understanding priority features and issues in Product Teams.

We actively prioritise work that unblocks and accelerates progress.

To Discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

We hunt for any processes in your development teams that is costing them time.

We use Kanban

Kanban gives us better control of 'Work in Progress' and enables us to integrate.

We plan work to be in-sync with your product teams.

We deliver core features and functionality to a set schedule usually in-sync with your sprints.

We collaborate with the tools you already use.

In general we are tool-agnostic, we use them all. Tools like Slack, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp or whatever tools you use.

We execute all Work in Progress

We begin work based on our Work in Progress (WIP) queues.

We share Kanban Boards

So your Product Teams know what work is currently in progress, whats up next and whats being delivered.

Versioning & Change management

All our work is versioned and any new changes are delivered in packages that are versioned ensuring we can manage the upgrade process.

Change is good, managed and delivered

We like change, our work is refined and mature enough to encourage changes. Before a piece of work enters the 'Work in Progress' queue we have a Delivery plan.

We promise Zero-risk Updates

Everything we do considers the risk to your customers and the development teams. We build in methods and functionality to manage this risk.

We work with Product Teams globally

Our DevOps Centre in Bournemouth, UK, serves our customers globally but we have DevOps engineering connections in Shanghai, China and Europe to serve local markets.

We measure and monitor all aspects of the development process.

So that we make empirical decisions about future features, updates and changes.

We measure and monitor non-production and production infrastructure.

So that we can make empricial decisions about resource usage.

We believe in continuous improvement

We aim to continuously improve how we serve you, using each stage to learn and improve in the next iteration.

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Protect valuable resources

Your people are the most critical components in your software development capability. With our DevOps Service, you can eliminate unnecessary context switching, improve the speed of anomaly detection and the frequency of testing, reduce the overhead of managing environments, do reliable deployments and harness monitoring tools and analytics to improve decision making. Protecting your resources is one way you can improve ROI on any investment in your software development capability.

No distractions, more focus

Teams continuously get distracted with cloud service infrastructure and non-differentiating technologies. Distractions are cataclysmic for software development teams. They affect productivity and can erase entire sprints worth of progress. Not just when implementing but also the lengthy debates talking about them. Developing software is already very challenging and expensive what software teams need is more time focused on their problem domain; the businesses need more focus on product development and delivery.

Image illustrating a person creating Tests, something they can do when they have focus and aren't distracted.
Illustration with code, a browser and gold coins to illustrate return on investment

Improve ROI

Businesses are continuously investing in their software development capabilities, and our DevOps Service is a proven method of unlocking value. Improve ROI from productivity improvements which we estimate adds one day a week back into your software development capability. You will also be able to find cost savings from better management of cloud infrastructure with automation that reduces the runtime of resources based on the demands of your customers and software development teams.


Accelerate software development and delivery.


from £36k/year

A single software project on a cloud service.


from £60k/year

A single software project on a single cloud service with added velocity.


from £100k/year

For enterprises with multiple software projects, multi-cloud delivery and different velocities.

Multi-Cloud Delivery

Microsoft Azurefrom £10k / year

Google Compute Cloudfrom £10k / year

Amazon Web Servicesfrom £10k / year

Alibabafrom £10k / year

IBMfrom £10k / year

DevOps Tools

Cloudbees Core pricing based on numerous factors.

Managed Jenkins from £160 / team.

Code Test Tools

Sonarqubefrom £100/month

Selenium Gridfrom £100/month

Secrets Management by Conjurfrom £50/month

Container Security by Clairfrom £50/month



Whitelabelfrom £100/month

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