DevOps as a Service

Improve the quality of software, developer experience and the frequency of delivery without the disruption. Get a highly scalable platform with a DevOps culture at the core.

What are your biggest software development problems ?

Release Frequency

Increasing frequency can be disruptive.

We believe all our customers should release as often as possible and for release automation to be reliable. Our process will increase your release frequency while also being simple to operate regardless of the underlying cloud service or hosting platform and all our methods are ITIL compatible.

Cloud Migrations

Cloud services are complex and costly.

Working with cloud services is complex with configuration, integration and operational challenges. We use our experience to improve the efficiency of our cloud related deliveries. Plus we will help to identify the best services for your project and we automate how they are managed.

Developer Experience

Your Team wants to move faster but can't?

Today Developers are working to tighter deadlines on more demanding projects. They often have to do this in fundamentally broken ways. Our process includes understanding how your developers want to work and putting together automation to enable greater autonomy.

Say goodbye to these problems with our DevOps as a Service trusted by

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

What is our DevOps as a Service?

It is a bespoke managed service designed to deliver transformational Platform Engineering capabilities to businesses building and managing software projects. With a minimum 12 month agreement we take the time to understand your developers challenges and stakeholders objectives and use this to create a roadmap and backlog which we deliver over the duration of the agreement. Our customers benefit from our DevOps expertise without increasing headcount or the headache and expense of recruiting and managing consultants and contractors. Freeing teams to do their best work, unblocking their developers and shipping software faster. We include your existing teams in our workflows, we can work with your existing DevOps engineers. At the end of the 12 month period our goal is to have built the necessary capabilities for you to continue on your own.

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In-house DevOps engineers focus on differentiators

We collaborate with in-house DevOps teams, freeing them up to focus on strategic work and avoiding becoming bottlenecks for project delivery. We use all the same tools as they do and follow hundreds of best practices to ensure our work adds value. Our customers also use our DevOps as a service as an efficient way of providing DevOps burst capabilities within their existing Product Teams without the pain of recruiting and managing consultants and contractors. Ever needed someone with high quality experience delivering commercial services on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or with specialist experience in CICD, Infrastructure Automation and Cloud Management, or experience with opensource software like JenkinsCI, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, Hashicorp (i.e Vault, Packer, Terraform, Consol, Nomad) or ElasticSearch? We offer access to people with experience and expertise in all these areas and more.

Developers focus on product features

Businesses with no in-house DevOps can focus on building the best product while we create productive developer experiences saving upto 20% of their software development time and unblocking their developers on a daily basis and ensuring they never miss a deadline. One of our objectives is for developers to have high levels of autonomy within their day-to-day development process. We develop this into our pipeline strategy and infrastructure automation so that all the non-production automation happens based off of git events. In production we want to maintain high levels of autonomy but also provide safety to promote regular releasing without the worry of disruption.

Pricing & Plans

Unblock your developers with a scalable Development and Delivery Platform.


Expertise with both multiple and single tenant Platforms.


Expertise building large scale Serverless Ecosystems.

Cloud Native

Select from an assortment of certified Cloud Native technologies.

Compute Runtimes

Ranging from Virtual Machines, Containers Bare Metal

Multi-Cloud Platforms

We can expand the Platform across Multiple Cloud Services.

Pipeline Engineering

We focus on delivering the best developer experiences.

Monitoring & Alerting

Built bespoke for the selected platform.


Built bespoke for the selected platform.

Security Best practices

Includes RBAC, Encryption, Secrets, Isolation, Principle of least privilege.

Infrastructure Best Practices

Change Managed, automated provisioning, no snowflakes.

UK-based Account Manager

To help with prioritisation and planning.

UK-based DevOps Engineers

Yes we are 100% UK based.

DevOps as a Service - Platform Engineering

We build a highly customised Platform to support one or many Product Teams.

  • Pricing is based on the total number of consultants and the guaranteed service level. There are some efficiencies where the Platform is shared across multiple teams enabling us to focus effort on a smaller number of components.
  • DevOps Support Experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Developer Support Unblock your developers.
  • Support onsite, online, email & video We cover all your bases when it comes to providing great support for your project.
  • Any Cloud Vendor You pick the cloud or hosting service provider.
  • Any Compute Runtime You pick the compute runtimes.
  • Highly Available As standard.
  • Fault Tolerant As standard.
  • Zero Disruption Releases As standard.
  • Training & Recruitment We upskill and help build an in-house Platform Engineering team.
  • Flawless Handover We handover the Platform to the in-house Platform Engineering team.
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How the DevOps as a Service works

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Understanding priority features and issues in Product Teams.

We actively prioritise work that unblocks and accelerates progress.

To Discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

We hunt for any processes in your development teams that is costing them time.

We use Kanban

Kanban gives us better control of 'Work in Progress' and enables us to integrate.

We plan work to be in-sync with your product teams.

We deliver core features and functionality to a set schedule usually in-sync with your sprints.

We collaborate with the tools you already use.

In general we are tool-agnostic, we use them all. Tools like Slack, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp or whatever tools you use.

We execute all work in progress

We begin work based on our Work in Progress (WIP) queues.

We share Kanban Boards

So your Product Teams know what work is currently in progress, whats up next and whats being delivered.

Versioning & Change management

All our work is versioned and any new changes are delivered in packages that are versioned ensuring we can manage the upgrade process.

Change is good, managed and delivered

We like change, our work is refined and mature enough to encourage changes. Before a piece of work enters the 'Work in Progress' queue we have a Delivery plan.

We promise Zero-risk Updates

Everything we do considers the risk to your customers and the development teams. We build in methods and functionality to manage this risk.

We work with Product Teams globally

Our DevOps Centre in Bournemouth, UK, serves our customers globally but we have DevOps engineering connections in Shanghai, China and Europe to serve local markets.

We measure and monitor all aspects of the development process.

So that we make better decisions about future features, updates and changes.

We measure and monitor non-production and production infrastructure.

So that we can make data-driven decisions about resource usage.

We believe in continuous improvement

We aim to continuously improve how we serve you, using each stage to learn and improve in the next iteration.

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Protect valuable resources

Your people are the most critical components in your software development capability. With our DevOps as a Service, you can eliminate unnecessary context switching, improve the speed of anomaly detection and the frequency of testing, reduce the overhead of managing environments, do reliable deployments and harness monitoring tools and analytics to improve decision making. Protecting your resources is one way you can improve ROI on any investment in your software development capability.

No distractions, more focus

Teams continuously get distracted with cloud service infrastructure and non-differentiating technologies. Distractions are cataclysmic for software development teams. They affect productivity and can erase entire sprints worth of progress. Not just when implementing but also the lengthy debates talking about them. Developing software is already very challenging and expensive what software teams need is more time focused on their problem domain; the businesses need more focus on product development and delivery.

Image illustrating a person creating Tests, something they can do when they have focus and aren't distracted.
Illustration with code, a browser and gold coins to illustrate return on investment

Improve ROI

Businesses are continuously investing in their software development capabilities, and our DevOps as a Service is a proven method of unlocking value. Improve ROI from productivity improvements which we estimate adds one day a week back into your software development capability. You will also be able to find cost savings from better management of cloud infrastructure with automation that reduces the runtime of resources based on the demands of your customers and software development teams.

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