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Improve the level of automation, quality of software, developer experience and the frequency of delivery without the disruption.

What are your biggest DevOps problems?

DevOps Resourcing

You need experienced DevOps engineers.

Hiring engineers can be a pain, getting the right engineers with skillsets, experience level and credentials can be challenging. The right engineers can take time to find and good outcomes are not guaranteed.

Domain Expertise

You frequently need different kinds DevOps skills.

We specialise in an extensive list of DevOps capabilities, confidently building pipelines and cloud platforms with our tools of choice to run your software according to best practices on most modern cloud vendors.


Accelerate your projects with experienced DevOps engineers.

An experienced engineer can accelerate progress and improve outcomes, they are confident to lead, and assist teams through uncertain and difficult technical challenges.

Say goodbye to these problems with our DevOps experts trusted by these companies

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The high confidence we currently have on our platform infrastructure and deployment processes is thanks to the team at Servana. Their experienced, methodical and inclusive approach to DevOps has helped create a great environment for the team and our product.

Harin Vaghela, Product Owner, LVMH Digital

Why work with us?

We have experience building managed, secure, cost-optimised cloud platforms that are fully automated using infrastructure as code and pipelines. The platforms we build are easier to manage with integrated telemetry, security at all levels and tested for reliability, ensuring your project delivers from day one. Our obssession with providing the best developer experience results in a boost to developer productivity, less wasted time and more focus. We have delivered successful projects on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure

Case Studies

Amazon Web Services

How we helped a major UK supermarket transition its ecommerce platform to serverless doing 50+ releases a day with AWS Lambda in this multi-million pound cloud migration.

Download [Case Study]

Tooling of choice

Our team of engineers has worked on all the major cloud platforms on projects ranging from ecommerce, chatbots, natural language processing, machine learning on technologies like AWS Lambda and Kubernetes. We specialise in optimising the developer experience, integrating infrastructure as code into pipelines and creating automation that is reliable and builds confidence.

Hashicorp Terraform Pulumi Kubernetes Prometheus Flux Argo Helm

What we do

DevOps Transformations, DevOps Assessments, Jenkins Consulting, Developer Support, Platform Engineering, Pipeline Development, Project-By-Project DevOps enablement.

No project is too big or small, our terms of engagement are flexible, with each engagement managed by a statement of work, we can provide as many DevOps engineers as required. Get in touch and tell us more about your project, and get access to an experienced team.


Expertise with both multiple and single tenant Platforms.


Ditch the server, benefit from a low cost alternative.

Cloud Native

Recent, relevant experience building Cloud Native Platforms.

Compute Runtimes

Serverless, Virtual Machines, Containers and Bare Metal

Multi-Cloud Platforms

Expand your Platform across Multiple Cloud Services.

Pipeline Engineering

Improve the quality of software and the developer experience.

Monitoring & Alerting

Get better visibility with integrated telemetry and monitoring.

Platform Engineering

Integrate all your technology services into one cohesive platform.

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