Servana helps software businesses with all aspects of software development and delivery. Contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements. We have experience delivering solutions at the highest levels within a variety of organisations. We understand all our customers are different and we are a completely bespoke consultancy. We have loads of experience

We are specialists in the fields of DevOps, Hosting, Site Reliability Engineering and Cloud Services;


  • Development process, here we look at how source code is managed, merged and tested for different scenarios.
  • DevOps Tooling like CICD, Code Coverage, Security, UI Test Automation tools including how these tools are integrated and configured.
  • Security tooling, threat modelling and infrastructure assessments the outcome is a report with priorities which can be added to your backlogs for future development.
  • Pipeline development, performance and integrated build, test and deployment automation.

Cloud Services

  • Multi-Cloud software delivery best practices
  • Infrastructure configuration with infrastructure as code tools.
  • Analyse existing usage and implement scaling strategies across a variety of hosting platforms.
  • Automation with cloud configurations, CICD pipelines and infrastructure.
  • Site reliability, monitoring and alerting.
  • Security & Governance.
  • Account Setup and Management.
  • Usage, budgets and planning.

Site reliability engineering

  • Web application performance engineering
  • Content delivery networks
  • Global application delivery (including China mainland)
  • Infrastructure configuration and automation.
  • Load testing

You will get total commitment to your project delivery, shared responsibility for the outcomes and a desire to execute in a manner that creates long term value for your Product teams.

There is some cross over in all our areas of expertise so it makes sense to get in touch for a quick call to see if we can help. We have a few engagement patterns that we use;

Embedded consultant service

  1. You have numerous product teams and require people with DevOps, Cloud and Site reliability engineering expertise and assist with product delivery.
  2. As a partner we provide engineers that can be embeded in your product teams offering the necessary skills to support your existing product delivery teams.

Customer managed digital outcomes

  1. You present your outcome, you continue to manage the outcome.
  2. As a partner we deliver a solution based on your outcome a either resourced on a consultant basis or as a team.

Servana managed digital outcomes

  1. You present your outcome, we manage the outcome.
  2. As a partner we deliver a solution based on your outcome we measure and report progress in regular stakeholder meetings.

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