Specialty DevOps & Cloud Service Engineering and Support Services

  • Hybrid Team (Offsite/Onsite)

    High quality in-person communication with onsite development teams coupled with the flexible support from an experienced outsource team to reduce backlogs and improve velocity.

  • Onsite Team

    SERVANA Engineers will work onsite and participate in all the customers development practices. They will help to plan and build a backlog of work and contribute to reducing the backlog. 

  • Offsite Team

    World-class development teams enjoy working with us. We understand the pressure of software delivery and as a result we prioritise integration into a customers existing workflows. We have open communication lines with your development teams with tools like Jira, Slack, Hangouts to name a few.


Accelerate project delivery with an experienced team of DevOps Engineers

Our teams have built some of the best most integrated software delivery platforms in Europe and Asia. We enabled one of the UK’s most loved retailers to develop a best-in-class commerce platform on serverless infrastructure and grow their development teams  from a handful to over 100 developers in two years. At the same time we helped our customer make sense in the shift from enterprise software to cloud services. Our approach is friendly and we are genuinely interested in modelling an approach that fits the customer and its software engineering teams.


  • DevOps

    SERVANA engineers have many years experience in Jenkins pipeline engineering to the various build, test and security tool integrations. Merge strategies, deployment strategies, branching strategies and dependency management. They have worked in Agile (Scrum + Kanban) environments and are used to the standup ceremony as well as retrospectives, planning and task management with Jira.

  • Cloud Services

    SERVANA engineers have many years experience delivering services on Cloud Services like AWS, Google Compute, Azure, IBM, Alibaba Cloud. We are methodical in our approach and have developed a Method for integrating cloud services with your DevOps value chain. We use configuration techniques like infrastructure as code and source control to manage infrastructure services.




Certified Experts




Global Team



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World-class Engineering Practice

  • Cloud Native

    Whether its software delivery on Kubernetes or with serverless platforms (i.e like AWS Lambda) we have experience and best practices that boost efficiencies to 10x your delivery.

  • Agile Practice

    Working with us is easy, we are Agile practitioners and we believe in people and process over tools. We automate as much as possible so we can invest more in communication.

  • Infra Management

    Automation is at the epicentre of our cloud infrastructure practice, excellent infrastructure management is key to ensuring costs are controlled while also accepting that in some cases spending might be necessary.

  • DevOps Masters

    Pipelines, build, test, deployment we aren’t prescriptive and have experience building some of the most performant pipelines. This means the pipelines work really hard but not at the cost of reducing the feedback loop for the software developers.

  • Live Operations

    Release and Incident management are two areas that we focus on extensively. SERVANA Engineers will always try to integrate the various platforms with these two business processes.

  • 24/7 Support

    Backed by SERVANA your organisation can access a host of services to reduce the burden on your software engineering teams. We can for example look after First Response, Triage and Escalation responsibilities in the Incident Management Process.


Benefits you can bank on

  • Reduce risk

    SERVANA guarantees a tried and tested approach following hundreds of best practices and integrating all services to create a reliable Service Delivery Platform. Enabling our customers to deliver software projects faster and with less risk.

  • Teamwork

    We code, problem solve, solution design and work together. A SERVANA Engineer has experience but ultimately all our customers are different and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We listen, offer ideas and provide a vision for where our customers can be but ultimately they choose the reality.

  • Focus on Outcomes

    When you have millions invested in your software delivery process you ultimately want to ensure that it’s being invested to support your ultimate objectives. Delivering on the customers outcomes is an important aspect of our responsibility to our customers.

  • Service Integration

    It is much easier to scale software engineering capabilities when the different service delivery components are wired into the DevOps Platform. Likewise its easier to scale Operational capabilities when the different components are integrated with the service delivery platform.

  • Best Practice

    The technology landscape is very complex today but with over a decades experience we are confident in our ITIL compatible, cloud-based Service Delivery Method. It is cloud agnostic and contains hundreds of best practices and multiple layers of security.

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