Managed Services for Manufacturing businesses

With over five years experience managing applications and supporting software development capabilities for a variety of manufacturing businesses in a variety of verticals we’ve learnt about what it takes to support a manufacturing business successfully.

From experience Manufacturing organisations might have smaller technology teams and we understand the pressures on these people and we arrange our managed service to include more dedicated support. This support assists with skills sharing, mentoring and technical support when necessary.

With our manufacturing service we can offer assistance with legacy platforms either with a view to modernising the application or to run for a fixed term. Support is important and we can also offer support to Branches and Plants globally in order to ensure your business isn’t waiting for supporting in another timezone.

Manufacturing is at an exciting time with technology and we understand that in many cases you will need to run software or build software


Common services offered to this industry

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    Drive operational efficiencies, improve software development capabilities and deliver more features to your customers with our managed services and support.

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    Cloud Services

    Leverage cloud services with our managed service and benefit from more than a decades experience building, operating and delivering on these platforms.

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    Professional Support

    Tap into our decades experience building, supporting and managing large scale enterprise applications for best practice advice and guidance.

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    Managed Legacy Applications

    When its becoming too operational complex to manage a old application we can assist and give your legacy application a lifeline.

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    Managed Application Delivery

    From source code to production we can assist in the management of your applications critical to your business wrapped in a service level agreement that lets you focus on your business.

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    Managed Hosting

    Shift your workloads and data centre to one of our Managed UK facilities.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Business Agility

    We accommodate growth and seasonal flexibility within all our solutions so we  automatically adapt to the client’s needs allowing them to add more capacity or services or get a higher level of support at any time.

  • Security and compliance

    All our solutions are secured with TLS and any customer data is encrypted at rest. We monitor all network traffic in and out and have a audited change  management process. 

  • Modern DevOps Tools

    Our DevOps Service Catalog includes dozens of popular open source and licensed DevOps tools. Each one can be activated and integrated into our Managed Service enabling you to support a diverse array of software development strategies.

  • Application development

    We support all kinds of software development practices and our platform is designed to enable businesses to build all kinds of software. We are happy to support any kind of legacy software too. If its critical to your business we can support it.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Transform how you build software with our DevOps Platform and scale your software development activities and spur a digital transformation within your organisation.

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    Leverage cloud services to build a demand driven technology platform that responds to your customers or employees improving how they interact with your services.

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    Understand how your technology and software is being built, used and experienced with realtime data.


Our DevOps expertise

We’ve assisted the most demanding e-commerce enterprises in high-end fashion to one of the UKs most loved grocers. We witnessed the transformational nature of DevOps and have continued to develop and hone our approach to implementing DevOps within organisations. Above all this we saw how much effort was being invested into managing the DevOps Platforms and have since built a managed service for DevOps.


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