Glasswall Solutions Cloud-Native CDR Platform

Glasswall provides the most advanced File Trust Services in the market. From malicious macro in Microsoft Office files, to JavaScript in PDFs, to sophisticated weaponized zero-days, to session hijacking and more, they stop sophisticated cyber-attacks that bypass all other defences.


Glasswall needed to build an airgapped cloud-native kubernetes platform to run their innovative CDR technology. The platform needed to ingest, scan and clean thousands of documents per second. During the development we invested time in testing out this scaling capability.


The solution needed to be compatible with Microsoft Azure and be installed from a airgapped bundle. The technology selected was Kubernetes by Rancher Labs and ArgoCD. We used Terraform to orchestrate the creation of the infrastructure as well as the creation of the Kubernetes cluster components finishing with the helm installation which then completed the setup of the cluster.

The end result was a platform capable of ingesting, scanning and cleaning thousands of documents per second.


We completed the development in 3 months and were able to hit quite impressive performance targets.

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