Servana is ISO27001 Certified

ISO27001 won’t make you secure; you need to do the work to make platforms secure, but it does help align an organisation with information security best practices. The ISO standard is not opinionated about security, and many organisations can accept the risk of an imperfect architecture. Undertaking the certification process, we were fortunate to implement many security best practices from day zero and build on these over time. Coming into the certification process with a mature and well-architected managed service platform was helpful. Our software development process wasn’t too bad either though we did have to work on the policy more as infrastructure engineering has changed so much in the past three years.

Logos for British Assessment Burea UKAS Accreditation
Certificate Number 240476

Servana manages many multi/single-tenant cloud platforms for customers around the world. We want our customers to recognise the expertise and craft that goes into delivering their managed services and choose us rather than self-hosting their software development tooling. In March, we received our final result from our stage 2 audit and ISO27001 certificate. Implementing the ISO standard means we have aligned the whole organisation around information security best practices including regular internal health checks and assessments. Our UKAS Accredited Certification Body will audit us annually to provide additional 3rd party assurance that we are in good shape (as well as help us keep our ISO27001 certification!)

Our Information Security Management System covers a lot of ground;

  • onboarding and training employees
  • suppliers
  • managing access to systems
  • asset / device control
  • access control
  • backup processes
  • encryption
  • it operations
  • security incident management
  • continuous improvement
The best part of the ISO27001 certification is that it was a team effort and has involved everyone at Servana to meet the standard's obligations. Tass Skoudros - Founder, Managing Director

Our certification wouldn’t be possible without a knowledgeable ISO consultant;

We are grateful to Alex Mullett at Mullett Solutions for helping us prepare and assisting us through the ISO27001 certification process. I appreciated how he helped tailor our information security management system to Servana's business; everything we have done over the past 12 months has set us up to grow faster without impacting our information security. Tass Skoudros - Founder, Managing Director