DevOps Retrospective

Imagine the past 10 years was a sprint. Groundhog day. I think about my DevOps career and how it has evolved over this time. As a professional, I am thrilled to have Servana now because I believe technology has become more valuable to business.

I wanted a small update for our wall, a reminder that no matter what we think our industry is now over 10 years old. I was encouraged to think about the kind of work I did at the time and how it wasn't pretty. The kind of automation we do today looks beautiful. Perfect configuration templates in perfect pipelines and tested to the nines so they always work.

In the video John Allspaw and Paul Hammond go through how they innovated at Flickr to get to 10 deploys per day. If it isn't this video should really be credited with the birth of DevOps as we know it.

This is what they were doing in 2009.

  • infrastructure automation
  • shared version control (so both Ops and Dev have access)
  • one step build
  • one step deploy
  • consistency
  • CICD
  • branching strategies
  • trunk based development
  • feature development
  • feature flags
  • roll forward (feature turned off)
  • dark launches
  • metrics (they used Ganglia)
  • metric annotations
  • communication (IRC and Chatbots)
  • respect responsibilities
  • avoid being a gatekeeper
  • read-only shell accounts so developers can get the information they need