Managed DevOps Platform

Animated image illustrating the different kinds of DevOps Tools
Animated image illustrating the different kinds of DevOps Tools

Our Managed Jenkins service can be customised as required. Tools like code quality, ui testing, security scanning etc can be chosen based on the customers requirements. We can also offer recommendations for tools that we have experience and success with for your specific domain.

The Managed Jenkins Service provides a high level of concurrency and support for different kinds of development tools and languages.


  • SSL Encryption for all data in transit (i.e via HTTPS://).
  • Encryption at Rest for all Services using independent customer keys
  • SSO support with RBAC (i.e role-based-access-control) and OTP (i.e one-time-passwords). Authenticate with social login providers like Google, Github and more.
  • Integrated Federated User Management with, ADFS and LDAP. 
  • Flexibly provision agents on-demand to speed up builds and tests.
  • Per minute billing for all Build Platforms.
  • Build on MacOS, Windows, Linux to name a few.
  • Select from Jenkins Opensource or Cloudbees Core
  • And so much more.

This platform can grow and scale based on your organisations requirements. The best feature above all is you get to focus on building great software.