New Managed Service Product Launches

Servana strives to provide our customers with the very best and most reliable devops platform and continuous integration stack possible. Our main objective is to provide all the tools you need to build great software.

Today I wanted to introduce two new Managed Services;

  1. Managed Service DevOps Platform is a comprehensive suite of common best-in-class tools provided as a managed service. The tools include source-control, cicd, monitoring, security. You select a plan and the tools you want us to manage for you and we go away prepare the environment. It can be build bespoke for you as well if you have licenses you want to add or share.
  2. Managed Service for Jenkins Open Source or Cloudbees Core is available to customers that simply want to offload this tool to a specialist service provider like us. A number of features can be customised for example a customer can request specific concurrency requirements, agent sizes and agent configurations.

Our Managed Services are perfect for businesses that build software but don't necessarily have a DevOps resource or if they do, they can focus more of their time helping with more strategic objectives for example pipelines and infrastructure automation.

We are DevOps specialists and we set ourselves a goal to build ALL kinds of software. Our various services can build software on Windows, Linux and MacOS. If there is something a customer needs to build we can probably provide it.

There isn't any difference between the 'Start' plan and the 'Scale' plan except the 'Scale' plan is designed for a customer who needs to offer our service to multiple teams (i.e more than one Jenkins Master and many more Agents).

The simplicity in our plans is deliberate, our business can only survive if we get the balance right and we definitely want to be very busy helping you build the future.

We have worked very hard to make our service affordable. From as little as £12 / day you get unlimited builds and unlimited jobs. For about £20 per day you have access to a comprehensive mobile development studio capable of building mobile apps for IOS, Android and Windows. No extra fees or hidden costs and our customers get the best and most human support we can offer.

We are planning to run regular workshops at our office in Bournemouth and potentially open to running them onsite for our customers.

Remember we offer a 7 day free trial on all our plans and a 30 day break clause if you change your mind.