Is a managed service like Saas

Yes in a way it is similar. Ideologically we are identical however in the case of Servana we probably offer more comprehensive support and our customers all get a platform that they can do whatever they like with which isn't something you get with a Saas solution.

Saas solutions also offer different features at different tiers we offer all the same features in all our tiers the key differentiators for tiers is the independent customer use case based on the size of their organisation. The features are ultimately the same.

We offer a trial because its a great way to learn about the customers use case with out committing them to us without understanding fully if we are a perfect fit. Traditional managed services very rarely offer free trials.

Servana ultimately doesn't call its services Saas solutions because we manage 3rd party software which we integrate using APIs. A Saas solution would typically try to abstract this 3rd party software so the customer experience can be managed more.