No Vendor Lock-In

The core technologies provided by our managed service are all open source. This means there aren’t techniques we use that would make it difficult for you to migrate to another similar open source solution. No vendor lock in means we work very hard on delivering a great service.

Ease of Migration

With Jenkins pipeline configurations moving to our managed service is simple and straight forward. Easily accomplished in minutes for smaller projects, hours for new projects and a day or two for larger projects.

Save Time

Time is money, but we think the time is also an opportunity.

Simple Argument
We would ask you to consider the costs of hiring a consultant. Think £750/day and assuming a like-for-like setup, about ten days of effort to set the Jenkins service up.

N.B This is still not like for like we’ve been working on this for a few years now.

Realistic Argument
Calculate the project cost of performing non-attributable work. Your customers won’t see the benefits of Jenkins directly. We’ve been in this position before where we wished we had something like this because when an organisation wants to onboard software teams, the process needs to be smooth. Software project costs are in the tens of thousands per day, and our service contributes to conserving this.

For example, assuming a software development team of 8 engineers costing £600/day, it will cost £4800/day until you deliver something that can onboard your developers.

Save Money

We are about more than the hosting we look at some of the difficult problems and solve them for you upfront. We think for serious software teams our product is very reasonable.

Ultimately our platform is designed to serve small development teams of up to 16 people.

You get an impressive feature-list and huge savings in like-for-like labour costs versus doing this all yourself.


Onboard new teams fast. Share test automation and monitoring infrastructure but maintain isolation on specific services.