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Saving 80% of our Developers time in Build and Test stages with the Tool Cache

We are creating the fastest CICD platform in the world and we benchmark performance based on real-world usage. One area we needed improvement was during application build and test stages. We noticed significant...

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Security as a shared responsibility

I recently prepared a talk for DOXMOUTH (a DevOps meetup in Bournemouth) on the topic of security as a shared responsibility. As it applies to product teams today. The preface is based on the concept that more ...

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QOTW: Turn off execution on your Jenkins masters

Welcome to our first question of the week (QOTW) post. I talked at DevOps Exchange in Bournemouth #DOXMOUTH and I had many excellent questions but wanted to share this particular one because it potentially impa...


DevOps Retrospective

Imagine the past 10 years was a sprint. Groundhog day. I think about my DevOps career and how it has evolved over this time. As a professional, I am thrilled to have Servana now because I believe technology has...


April Jenkins Security Update

April was a very good month for the Jenkins community as they published a long list of security advisories. Many but not all of them fixed by the time the announcement was made.

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Managed DevOps Platform

Our Managed DevOps Platform can be customised as required. Tools like code quality, ui testing, security scanning etc can be chosen based on the customers requirements. We can also offer recommendations for too...

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Is a managed service like Saas

Yes in a way it is similar. Ideologically we are identical however in the case of Servana we probably offer more comprehensive support and our customers all get a platform that they can do whatever they like wi...

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New Managed Service Product Launches

Servana strives to provide our customers with the very best and most reliable devops platform and continuous integration stack possible. Our main objective is to provide all the tools you need to build great so...